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Default Sonic Implants Amps & Pickups vol 2 Giga REPACK-AI

Sonic Implants Amps & Pickups vol 2 Giga REPACK-AI
Team AI | 596.22 MB

2 CD-Roms Classic Guitars and Basses

Continuing in the tradition of Sonic Implants' fine line of guitars and basses, a new collection of classic instrument with all the fidelity, playability, and realism you've come to expect from the Sonic Implants name. Featuring a stellar lineup of extensively sampled and expertly programmed instruments. With so many samples and programs, we needed 2 CDs to hold it all.

Collection includes:

Real Fender Telecaster Mutes & Tones - A serious collection of tele tones: three pick, two mute, and two finger snap layers presented in a myriad of combinations, with open string samples and potent programming variations. Add to that an additional three velocities of double-stop samples and this monster comes in at a whopping 300Mb of authentic tele twang.

Real Fender Telecaster Chords - A massive selection of chords including: Major, Minor, Major Suspended, Dom7, Minor7, and Seventh Sus4. Keyswitch instruments, Chord Mutes and Up & Down Strums!

Phat Fender Precision Bass Finger & Slap-The American standard. Two velocities finger tones, 1 velocity thumb slaps. Multiple instrument combinations plus thumb-stop and FX samples for extra realism. Phat 'n' funky.

Phat Fender Precision Bass Pick - Two velocities of down and up-pick samples, programmed for real time up-down picking, plus dual velocity single pick instruments. Slides & FX samples also included.

Rickenbacker 330 6-String Mutes & Tones - One velocity pick mutes, two velocities picked tones. Open string samples for all 6 strings. A multitude of programming configurations including 12-string simulations and plenty of mod wheel and keyswitch instruments.

Rickenbacker 330 6-String Chords - Over 100 samples comprising 5 separate chord variations. Keyswitch instruments for real time flexibility; Major, Minor, Dom7, Seventh Sus4, and Add9. Up & down strums!

Rickenbacker 4003 Finger Bass - Classically direct. Dual velocity. Multiple programming variations. The songwriter's bass of choice.

Rickenbacker 4003 Pick Bass - Amped with attitude. Two sets of dual velocity samples programmed for real-time, alternate pick playing. Slides & FX also included. If you're looking for that Rick Bass sound, this is it.

rapidgator_net: http://rapidgator.net/file/79b528efd9aa180db6b2074592c9d32a/qgzq6.Sonic.Implants.Amps..Pickups.vol.2.Giga.REPACKAI.rar.html or http://alfafile.net/file/8gv7/qgzq6.Sonic.Implants.Amps..Pickups.vol.2.Giga.REPACKAI.rar nitroflare_com: http://www.nitroflare.com/view/C65C353F60ECA51/qgzq6.Sonic.Implants.Amps..Pickups.vol.2.Giga.REPACKAI.rar
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