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Default ELOoffice v10.5 Multilingual Incl Keymaker-CORE

ELOoffice v10.5 Multilingual Incl Keymaker-CORE | 663 Mb
The user-friendly ELOoffice 10.5 DMS software helps you speed up your processes, simplify your daily work load and increase your productivity in the long term.
The ELOoffice program structure is based on analog filing systems that includes repositories, files and folders. This makes using the software possible without time-consuming training. Users can navigate in the file structure, open folders and leaf through documents with the mouse.
highlights of ELOoffice 10.5
Mobile document scanning - ELO QuickScan
Capture documents with ELO QuickScan with your smartphone and transfer them directly to ELOoffice 10.5 and other ELO applications. Just snap a picture of a document - ELO QuickScan will make the picture perfect with its automatic image recognition. The app recognizes borders precisely and crops them accordingly. You can also make small adjustments manually. Select the captured documents with a click and simply transfer them to ELOoffice 10.5. It is also possible to send multiple documents at the same time. You choose whether the documents are sent to the Intray or to a specific location in the repository. If you send documents to the Intray, you can keyword them directly. You can also capture documents with ELO QuickScan without an Internet connection. Once your mobile end device connected to a network, the transfer resumes.
Access documents wherever you go - ELO MobileConnector
Access documents you require even when you are out on business. With ELO MobileConnector, you can transfer selected folders and documents from ELOoffice to your mobile end device. You get to decide whether to synchronize via your own server or via a cloud service. You as a user start the data transfer with the ELO MobileConnector dialog box. With a list of all synchronizations performed, you stay on top of everything and configure the settings according to your needs.
Filing made easy - ELO Print&Archive
A vast number of documents are processed during daily business: Incoming invoices from customers, suppliers, service providers and business partners as well as offers, invoices and other documents you created yourself. Many individual steps are required to print, file, and send them. You can achieve all of this in just one step with ELO Print&Archive. Print, file, and send your invoices from other software applications such as an ERP program. ELO Print&Archive gives you detailed operating instructions within the program itself. Before you start, you can make a number of settings and configure the program according to your individual needs: Determine, for example, which types of documents you want to process, define your own rules for filing and which steps you want to take with ELO Print&Archive.
One-click searches - ELO Click&Find
Effortless searching with just one click. Simply highlight a term, start the search and the result is delivered directly to you. You can also use ELO Click&Find when you select a term in an e-mail, on a website or in another application.
Quick document filing - ELO Dropzone
File documents to ELOoffice quickly and easily. Drag delivery slips, images, invoices and other types of documents to a filing tile you defined. ELOoffice takes on the keywording and filing for you. ELO Dropzone starts in a separate window. This module stands out in particular due to its convenient and intuitive operation.
Work intuitively- Microsoft Office Integration
Create documents in your usual Microsoft Office environment and save them to ELOoffice without any intermediary steps. The ELO button is integrated right into the Microsoft Office Suite to make your work as effortless as possible. Direct saving to ELOoffice shows you a version history for each document. In addition, you can use the access and rights management to define who may edit the document. Older versions remain in place and can be restored at any time.

Home Page

Download From NitroFlare http://www.nitroflare.com/view/26C2B9A1F5CF61E/ELOoffice.v10.5.Multilingual.Incl.Keymaker-CORE.rar Download From Rapidgator http://rapidgator.net/file/52aca833f09041674d52e6e8ca0e91af/ELOoffice.v10.5.Multilingual.Incl.Keymaker-CORE.rar.html
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