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Default Adobe Flash Player 235 Final (2015)

Adobe Flash Player / 235 Final (2015) |

Adobe Flash Player - a cross-platform runtime for browser-based dynamic delivery of applications, content and video on various screens and browsers. Flash Player environment is optimized for creating high-performance mobile applications and supports the functionality of the original device, providing the user experience with your application. Note: Version 11.9 is not suitable for Internet Explorer 10/11 Windows 8 / 8.1 - the new operating system the appropriate libraries are built.

Additional Information:

Adobe Flash Player - Player file format Flash (files SWF), has three types of distribution:
Browser Internet Explorer
for Firefox and Netscape
the Opera browser and Chromium

install_flash_player_ax.exe - Active-X for Windows (for the browser Internet Explorer)
install_flash_player.exe - plugin for Windows (for Firefox and Netscape)
install_flash_player_ppapi.exe - plugin for Windows (for the Opera browser, and Chromium)
uninstall_flash_player.exe - uninstaller for Windows (for all browsers)

Repack Features :

Versions for AOL, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Internet Explorer and platforms Chromium in one installer!
Integrated uninstaller previous versions.

Keys command line : Silent installation for AOL, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera: / S / O
Quiet setting for Internet Explorer: / S / I
Silent installation platform Chromium: / S / C
Silent setting for all browsers: / S / A
Note !!! After installation, you are prompted to change the browser home page. Do not forget to remove the tick.

Program Version: / 235
Official website: link
Language: English, Russian and other
Treatment: not required

Download link:
rapidgator_net: http://rapidgator.net/file/9217c395e0bb552d5eebf273c9e33a56/wfe0w.Adobe.Flash.Player. http://rapidgator.net/file/4873bd56ecf2e00e6ce0b72ba82283d9/wfe0w.Adobe.Flash.Player. nitroflare_com: http://www.nitroflare.com/view/12266F4D43DA1A1/wfe0w.Adobe.Flash.Player. http://www.nitroflare.com/view/81751C7B56F5E90/wfe0w.Adobe.Flash.Player. uploaded_net: http://uploaded.net/file/yuofi3xx/wfe0w.Adobe.Flash.Player. http://uploaded.net/file/9x4fnwah/wfe0w.Adobe.Flash.Player.
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