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Default Killetsoft TRANSDAT 19.08 Multilanguage

Killetsoft TRANSDAT 19.08 Multilanguage | 4 MB

TRANSDAT Geosoftware executes coordinate transformations and geodetic datum shifts between many coordinate and reference systems of America, Australasia, Europe, Germany special and world-wide, at high precision and high speed.

Navigation maps are printed with a coordinate grid that is a two-dimensional projection of the three-dimensional Earth surface, based on a given Coordinate System. Historically the countries over the world use many different coordinate systems. Earth is shaped not like a sphere; it is a geoid that has no exact mathematical definition and whose form can be at best approximated by an ellipsoid. To make an exact projection of a region into a coordinate system, the region is first projected onto a so-called reference ellipsoid that would fit the region best. The reference ellipsoid is mathematically defined and can be used for a coordinate system projection. Historically countries all over the world developed and used different and often more than one local and global Reference Systems.

rapidgator_net: http://rapidgator.net/file/2eca7a21bef6dad72e1ef178efa89141/dcptu.Killetsoft.TRANSDAT.19.08.Multilanguage.zip.html nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/7742B8BB3A740FB/dcptu.Killetsoft.TRANSDAT.19.08.Multilanguage.zip uploaded_net: http://uploaded.net/file/j2t0lu8n/dcptu.Killetsoft.TRANSDAT.19.08.Multilanguage.zip
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