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Default HoRNet DeeLay v1.3.0 (WinMac)

HoRNet DeeLay v1.3.0 WiN OSX | 3.7 Mb
The HoRNet DeeLay is a good sounding vintage digital dub delay, it's capable of common delay duties and it's also up to the most demanding creative tasks.

The vintage button gives the HoRNet DeeLay that typical early 90s sound where digital was still imperfect and with a character of its own. The DeeLay can make endless feedback loops and changing the delay time changes the pitch of the buffer creating funny and interesting noises, the time parameter can be modulated with an LFO allowing the creation of futuristic wobbling sounds.

Since the delay is digital it has all the robotic artifacts of modulated digital delays instead of the smooth action of an analog emulated delay. Try it on vocals, guitars or anything that needs space, the HoRNet DeeLay will surprise you with it's spacey yet focused sound.

The HoRNet VCA is for you tweakers, it allows complex automation of signal level, working similar to the AutoGain, but in a more general way think of it as the VCA element in a console, or a synth, just change the gain of your tracks using any reference signal: a kick, a synth, a slow moving LFO, anything really.

And since the VCA is the core of a compressor, of course you get a compressor construction toolkit that allows you to create RMS compressors, feedback compressors, aggressive or more relaxed ones, just activate the internal reference and set the reversed gain. The scale factor now acts as a ratio control, have fun.

Delay time up to 5000ms
Sync mode from 1/16th to 1bar
Capable of endless delay generation
LFO from 0.1Hz to 10Hz
Time modulation
Vintage mode with 12bit ADC emulation
Feedback panning per channel
Output panning per channel
15 factory presets
(Mac OSX) (>=10.5 intel only) and Windows support
64bit compatibility both on Mac and Windows
Audio Units VST2.4, VST3, RTAS and AAX format

rapidgator_net: http://rapidgator.net/file/207d5659d5041577cf2f77109c182118/xcbds.HoRNet.DeeLay.v1.3.0.WinMac.rar.html nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/51E95730EE86993/xcbds.HoRNet.DeeLay.v1.3.0.WinMac.rar uploaded_net: http://uploaded.net/file/askiif4a/xcbds.HoRNet.DeeLay.v1.3.0.WinMac.rar
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