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Default Thunderhead Engineering PetraSim 2016.2.0523

Thunderhead Engineering PetraSim 2016.2.0523 (x86/x64) | 141 MB
PetraSim is a graphical interface for TOUGH2, TOUGH2-MP, T2VOC, TMVOC, TOUGHREACT, TOUGH-Fx/HYDRATE, and TETRAD. These simulators are recognized for their powerful simulation capabilities involving fluid flow and heat transfer in porous and fractured media. The TOUGH2 codes have been applied to problems ranging from Yucca mountain groundwater flow to multi-component environmental remediation.

PetraSim allows the analysts to focus on the model, while automatically handling the complex details of simulator input and results. The TOUGH2 versions of PetraSim include the corresponding simulation software at no extra cost.

Key Features

* Complete interactive 3D model creation and results display.
* Integrated results visualization (time history, iso-surface, vector, and contour Descriptions).
* Optimized TOUGH2/T2VOC, TMVOC, and TOUGHREACT executables. All TOUGH2-based versions of PetraSim include the underlying simulation software at no extra cost.
* Helpful input visualization (e.g. relative permeability curves)

Home page -

rapidgator_net: http://rapidgator.net/file/4e1e64c1d22e4987d76f2c733fbf5085/cnlcq.Thunderhead.Engineering.PetraSim.v2016.2.0523.X64AMPED.rar.html http://rapidgator.net/file/3cab101c7756c9105113ea27e3f53082/cnlcq.Thunderhead.Engineering.PetraSim.v2016.2.0523AMPED.rar.html nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/E48520B78293991/cnlcq.Thunderhead.Engineering.PetraSim.v2016.2.0523.X64AMPED.rar http://nitroflare.com/view/8C862DA0000637A/cnlcq.Thunderhead.Engineering.PetraSim.v2016.2.0523AMPED.rar uploaded_net: http://uploaded.net/file/40wi1c7i/cnlcq.Thunderhead.Engineering.PetraSim.v2016.2.0523.X64AMPED.rar http://uploaded.net/file/fgdh4cit/cnlcq.Thunderhead.Engineering.PetraSim.v2016.2.0523AMPED.rar
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