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Default ProtaStructure Suite Enterprise 2016 SP6

ProtaStructure Suite Enterprise 2016 SP6 | 321.0 mb

Prota Inc. has released update of ProtaStructure Suite 2016, is the all-in-one package for 3D finite element analysis, code-compliant design, seismic assessment and detailing of reinforced concrete and steel structures.

ProtaStructure Suite combines the power of ProtaStructure together with the full detailing capability of ProtaDetails for the ultimate building design and detailing solution for structural engineering professionals.

What's New in ProtaStructure 2016

ProtaStructure 2016 is a fantastic new release containing many new features and enhancements for you to enjoy.

Key benefits of this include:

- Slab Meshing in Building Analysis
Include slabs, ribbed and waffle slabs at any storey(s) in building analysis model by automatically meshing them with a shell elements. Use rigid or semi-rigid diaphragms with ability to choose slab load decomposition options, mesh sensitivity and slab stiffness.
- P-Delta Analysis
Consider second-order slenderness effects by performing P-Delta analysis.
- Enhance Visual Interrogation
Easily check slab and member sizes, loads and other model properties
- Seismic Analysis, Design & Detailing
Analysis and design can be carried out in compliance with EC8 for Malaysia & Singapore National Annex. Detailing requirements of EC8 from Low to High Ductility classes are fulfilled.
- Soil-Structure Interaction
Enable foundations to be integrated into building analysis model for more accurate assessment of building behaviour.
- Pile Cap Design & Detailing
A comprehensive pile cap design solution has been implemented which automatically design piles arrangement, pile cap depth & reinforcements. This covers both regular and eccentric pile positions. Rationalisation of design with grouping can also be easily performed. Pile cap detail drawings, pile cap schedules & quantity extraction can all be seamlessly generated in ProtaDetails.
- Model Merging
Build large models quickly with 2 or more engineers working on separate model or parts of the building and "merge" these together for analysis and design for fast project delivery.
- New Report Manager
Fully integrated reports into one repository. Insert custom reports including 3rd party documents, create custom report sets, and insert QR codes and company logos to produce a professional design report.
- Curved, circular & multi-segment sketch lines
Make use curved & multi-segment sketch lines to model irregular slab edges or columns.
- Eccentric Pad Footings
Columns can eccentrically sit on a pad footing. Additional moments are automatically considered in footing design.
- Base Isolator analysis and design
Model Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB) or Friction Pendulum System (FPS) seismic isolators anywhere along a column. Check isolator displacement limits with summary reports.
- Enhanced model and view export
Plan & 3D views can be exported to DXF/DWG directly from ProtaStructure. All 3D and plan views can be exported as picture (jpeg) format. A member can be exported as STL file for 3D printers.
- Faster column/wall & beam design (storey by storey)
New options to design only active floor members for faster design & detailing especially for large models.
- BRC mesh reinforcement for slabs
BRC mesh reinforcement (e.g. A & B series) is implemented for slab design & detailing.
- Finite Element Slab Pattern Load
Slab load pattern can be defined on the floor slabs. This is especially useful for flab slab system to capture design envelopes due to different load patterns.
- Contour Export from FE Floor Post-processor
The moment & reinforcement contours of slabs analysed using FE Floor Analysis can now be exported & integrated into the main model view for easy review or checking. These can then be exported to DWG or DXF format for further detailing & final drawing production.
- Finite Element Design of Foundation Systems and Foundation Beams
Pad footings, pile caps, strip footings and mat foundations can be modelled together in a single structure. Mixed foundation systems can alternatively be analysed and designed by finite element method. Foundation beams can be check-designed by analytical or FE methods.
- New Strip foundation
Eccentric strip footings can be modelled. Strip footing design, detailing and reporting is enhanced.
- Enhanced Section Database
Comprehensive Continental Singapore and Malaysian steel profiles are included.
- Faster modelling
Significant speed enhancement in model creation, modification and manipulation.
- Faster analysis and design
Analysis and design processes are optimized to deliver results quickly.
- Enhanced Integration with Revit
ProtaStructure utilizes native integration with Revit and now fully supports integration with both Revit 2016 and 2015 versions. Integration is enhanced with drop panels of flat slab model correctly imported into Revit.

ProtaStructure Enterprise Suite extends professional edition with advanced time-history, staged construction and nonlinear analyses, seismic isolators, nonlinear link elements and seismic assessment/retrofitting.

About PROTA Inc.

At Prota we've been delivering innovative solutions to structural engineers and drafting professionals since 1985. With revolutionary software solutions including the new ProtaStructure, ProtaDetails and ProtaMobile, thousands of engineers, CAD technicians and project innovators across the world choose Prota software for their steel and concrete building design and detailing.

Name: ProtaStructure Suite Enterprise
Version: 2016 SP6
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Interface: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.x / 10
Size: 321.0 mb

rapidgator_net: http://rapidgator.net/file/6a8e861560a3bec516754ab6208cdbbe/sofyq.ProtaStructure.Suite.Enterprise.2016.SP6.rar.html nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/58CE6185AB2AD3D/sofyq.ProtaStructure.Suite.Enterprise.2016.SP6.rar uploaded_net: http://uploaded.net/file/f0lis62j/sofyq.ProtaStructure.Suite.Enterprise.2016.SP6.rar
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