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Default ACD Systems Canvas X 2017 GIS 17.0.133

ACD Systems Canvas X 2017 GIS 17.0.133 | 190 Mb

Canvas X - editing software to work with vector graphics, will help you to add effects to images, text, and a variety of graphics, use the built-in drawing tools and editing of objects, adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation, and change the transparency of each object, and much more.

For professional users who work with technical illustrations and graphics, the software provides fully integrated tools to help create, enhance and ensure the team work with images. The program supports a large number of image formats, including popular raster and vector format (BMP, PSD, GIF, JPG, PNG, AI, PDF, DXF, DWG, etc.).

Features Canvas X:
Import, view and save projects in more than 100 file formats; Files created with specialized applications such as AutoCAD, and more general products such as Excel, and even applications like Mac Paint, can be imported, updated, expanded and published in the Canvas. In addition, imports of advanced machine / export within Canvas eliminates the problem of buying, training and support for other graphics packages, and facilitates the use of content created by other units of a large enterprise.
Advanced editing options. Now, virtually anything that can be printed can also be stored in the Canvas to edit, make additions, presentation and distribution with the new Canvas Print Driver Print Driver (available only in Windows). Now any complex illustrations, brochures, photographs or visual projects can be "printed" into Canvas from other products by simply selecting the new Canvas Print Driver from any application. Driver creates a visual representation of the original document being edited composed of objects that can be modified or expanded as necessary.
Creating and shared access to safe PDFs. Exports from Canvas supports secure encryption and password protection, providing information on viewing, editing or printing documents.
Adjusting the size of the file. A new option allows you to select the font size to reduce the size of PDFs.
ActiveX Control Support. Organizations needing to integrate external data sources to the process, can now include ActiveX controls in files in the Canvas.
Interaction with colleagues. Using the new Markup Pen, Mark-up Highlighter, Circle Redline and Rectangle Redline marks for review and add comments to objects for which it is necessary to pay attention or to adjust. Facilitate interaction in the repetitive processes. Markup tools can be configured and allocated facilities are located in separate layers, and can be switched on / off in the printing process.
Import DXF / DWG files with very high accuracy. Now there is no need to buy expensive high-quality computer-aided design tools to edit DXF or DWG files. Advanced mechanism of DXF / DWG import import 2-D and 3-dimensional patterns with very high accuracy. Three-dimensional illustration of DXF and DWG files exactly designed for a 2-dimensional workspace the Canvas, and thus, they can be quickly changed.
Using Corel content, Visio, and PowerPoint. Now Canvas can be easily integrated into the enterprise business projects that regularly use files created in Corel, Microsoft Visio, or Microsoft PowerPoint. Users who have installed these products, with the help of a new tool (available only on Windows) can open, view and edit Visio files, Corel and PowerPoint in the Canvas.
Work with CGM data. CGM mechanism in Canvas is aligned with the ATA standard (Aviation Transportation standards). This advanced tool offers the highest level of accuracy of CGM data and meets the demand of the global aviation industry.
Study of seismic data. Professional oil and gas industry can now study seismic data in CGM files with a palette of Seismic Traces. This palette contains a control panel that allows you to configure and lines, and background images.
Productivity increase. Since the opening of the new Canvas Startup Dialog provides quick access to the working papers, the new version of the document and numerous support resources and services.


Supports most image formats, including GIS formats.
Canvas allows you to work with more than 100 file formats, including DXF, DWG, CGM, Adobe1 PDF, RAW, GIS module supports 18 GIS specialized file types, such as SHAPE, MapInfo and ARC / INFO. Canvas has different effects, supports export to multiple formats simultaneously.
Flexible in dealing with vector objects.
Canvas Professional tools and powerful Sprite technology allows creation and editing of visual objects of complex shapes - combine segments, to fill the intersection and overlap of objects with a single click. To create transparency effects in Canvas have the tools and SpriteLayers SpriteEffects.
Possibility to work with bitmap images.
Canvas comes with a complete set of tools for editing bitmaps. Creating, editing and increase bitmaps on consideration of industry standard and specialized techniques, tools and filters. Canvas allows you to create a composition of images, designs, to retouch photos, paint and color to improve your scanned images, create transparency effects and vignettes, were aged photos, and more.
Set the exact dimensions.
Set technical data can be input by means of the exact coordinates of Canvas. The minimum size of 0.035 microns. The visual content can then be increased, to consider and publish, resize, and scale objects, add fill and stroke, and other attributes - all with exact coordinates and location points.
Professional publishing GIS-data
Canvas has everything you need for professional-looking documents and presentations, including the library of characters and predefined character sets, text formatting tools for working with block diagrams.

Whats New :
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

uploadgig_com: http://uploadgig.com/file/download/1203Fcc27cf78623/3gchh.ACD.Systems.Canvas.X.2017.GIS.17.0.133.rar nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/426AA61A05AA9A9/3gchh.ACD.Systems.Canvas.X.2017.GIS.17.0.133.rar
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