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Default Paragon ExtFS for Windows 4.0.64

Paragon ExtFS for Windows 4.0.64 | 26.46 MB

Paragon ExtFS for Windows is a unique tool which gives you full access to Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 file system within Windows. Paragon ExtFS for Windows allows you to work with a Linux native file system using Windows. Just plug your hard disk with ExtFS partitions into your PC and instantly read and modify any media on the Linux partitions.

Full read and write access to Ext2/3/4 partitions under Windows
- Fast and transparent access to Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4 partitions under Windows
- Read/write support for LVM (Logical Volume Management)
- Supports the latest Windows 10

Easy to install and to use
The driver is easy to install with a user-friendly wizard. Afterwards, it automatically runs upon start-up and has an auto-mount feature. Use the Windows system tray to call it up - it's safely ejectable!

High performance
If you want to watch movies or open large documents contained on a Linux partition, simply connect the drive directly to the PC to get instant access.

Helps retrieve data from a NAS without configuring network access
Did your NAS-device get corrupted with all your valuable photos and videos? Take a target hard drive out of the NAS storage, connect it to your PC via eSATA connector or USB-to-SATA adapter and access your files with no need to install the hard drive or configure the network access.

Key Features:
- Extremely easy to install
- Automount partitions
- Mount several Ext 2/3/4 partitions
- Fast access to any ExtFS partition
- Support of Ext4 file system
- Read/write support for LVM (Logical Volume Management)
- Improved stability and performance

What's New in ExtFS for Windows 4:
- The latest Ext4 options support
- Mounting time reduced
- Large volumes support
- Improved performance and stability

Supported operating systems:
- Windows 10
- Windows 8.1
- Windows 8
- Windows 7
- Windows Server 2012 R2
- Windows 2008 server (32/64 Bit)

uploadgig_com: http://uploadgig.com/file/download/cF886463bb7195A2/ExtFS.4.0.64.rar rapidgator_net: http://rapidgator.net/file/55deb7ac01d7a4fef4e52c5590ddc355/ExtFS.4.0.64.rar.html
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