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Default CodedColor PhotoStudio Pro + Clipart Content

CodedColor PhotoStudio Pro + Clipart Content | 118.82 MB

With CodedColor PhotoStudio Pro you will experience the diversity of viewing, organising, editing, enhancing and sharing your images and digital Photos - easy to use, full of features, professional results!

Main Features:
- View Photos
- Edit Images
- Organize
- Manage Media
- PDF & Flash Albums
- Burn CDs
- Transitions
- Capture Videos
- Share
- Print Layouts
- Cliparts
- Batch Conversion
- Clone
- Deskew
- Encrypt Images
- Brighten
- Sharpen
- Remove Color Stains
- Improve Contrast
- Compare Images
- Barrel Distortion
- Annotate
- Watermarks
- Geo Tagging
- Scan & Screen Capture
- Add Text
- Rotate Lossless Antialias
- Send by Mail & Skype
- Custom Sorting
- Resize
- Exposure Correction
- Search Similar Images
- Remove Scratches
- Compress
- Remove Red Eyes
- Publish EXIF & IPTC Transparency
- View & Create Panoramas
- Layers
- Convert Filetype
- Change Colors
- Equalize Histograms
- Color Balance
- Straighten Horizon
- Perspective
- Batch Rename
- Effects & Smudge Brush
- Keywords
- Frames
- All RAW formats
- Timeline View
- White Balance
- Image Shadows
- Photo Layouts & Collages

What's New in Version :

New Features:
* Compatible with 4K monitors
* Compatible with Windows 10
* Editor: improved basic editing dialogs
* Editor: basic editing now also has rotation and red eye removal
* Editor: ESC deletes last point of lasso (polygon) selection
* Fullscreen: 20 new transitions
* RAW files can now store EXIF information
* Updated RAW library: faster and new filetypes
* Editor: much improved labels dialog
* Editor: more precise wand cursor
* Animated GIFS now display in loop
* Multipage PDF Export: better font antialiasing
* Midas.dll not needed anymore
* Editor: text layer properties are now saved, and can be changed after reload
* Editor: layer aspect ratio can now be changed through grab handles

Fixed bugs:
* Explorer: application lost focus on file/thumb deletion
* Editor: very large images cause crash in undo list - now turned off
* Editor: save button disabled if no changes to image
* Explorer: file list sometimes empty or locked
* Editor video collage fixed
* Fullscreen: movie navigation bar sometimes invisible
* Html album: minor bugs fixed
* Editor: delete layer causes some buttons to be disabled
* Bug in Google maps fixed
* Crash when leaving fullscreen with close button (bottom right)
* Editor: antialias on rotated layers was too slow - now only on merge
* Editor: fixed some bugs when storing layer properties
* Editor: layer rotation is now preserved in .LYR layer files

uploadgig_com: http://uploadgig.com/file/download/a2B8ea65b794177e/mjmb7.CodedColor.PhotoStudio.Pro. nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/AC592EDB2099750/mjmb7.CodedColor.PhotoStudio.Pro.
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