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Default Movie Organiser 12 Ultimate 2015.4.1.2

Movie Organiser 12 Ultimate 2015.4.1.2 | 689.0 MB
Most of Cable Operators displays 3/5 movies per day. For that currently they are using VCD Player or VCR. This way they display their private movie channel. In which Cable Operator set particular movies at particular time. There are many drawbacks using such devices. They have to keep one person busy to handle these devices. Operator has to change the CD's or Videotape when particular movie completed. Problems also arise when movie is running and light goes off. When power come back operator has to search the movie position and then track it to manually. The best solution is to start Movie Channel using PC.


Trailor Design :- Your own movie coming up Today / Tomorrow Trailor with your own graphics and text
Weather :- Exclusive Weather Display Sunrise, Sunset, and more.
Cricket Match Score :- Manage Local Cricket Match with Attractive option like Logo for Four,Six, Zero Out etc. Also possible to set Advertiser Logo in between Match Score.
Video Skin :- Rich on-air look provided by exclusive features like:Adjust Video Screen with Running Graphics Like 9X Channel your video is going to run between Upper Side & Bottom Side Graphics to give channel exclusive look. With on demand start, it has automatic stop facility so no operator required after starting it to stop and start on regular mode.
Category wise Advertisement Settings :- For Prime Time you can set different time slot of advertisement. Set Sequence of Advertisement Up / Down, in whatever way you enter the advertisement, you can adjust the display position of advertisement.

Day wise Advertisement :- If you are using Flash Advertisement then you can also Play Flash Advertisement Day wise Ex. Play any particular Advertisement for Monday, Tuesday , Friday Only
Water Mark :- Advance Water Marking Facility available. You can put your own Text or Photo as watermark.
Channel Play Log :- Comparison of Actual Time Table against the played Videos, Fault Search, Verify System Accuracy
Live Using 4 Cameras :- 4 Camera in Facility on software. You can design your own look and feel for different camera screen position with easy drag and drop features. Facility to Capture and Save live incoming video on local computer (*Condition Apply).

uploadgig_com: http://uploadgig.com/file/download/90156f82fe8dc22b/nyk5s.Movie.Organiser.12.Ultimate.2015.4.1.2.rar nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/5FC41707A68F13D/nyk5s.Movie.Organiser.12.Ultimate.2015.4.1.2.rar
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