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Default Waves - Complete v9.91 x64 Quick Install

Waves - Complete v9.91 x64 Quick Install | 3.26 GB

Description: Waves plug-ins are designed for mastering, information, compression, equalization, emulation of analog devices and meters ....

In this distribution, plugins (in the amount of 518 pieces) ONLY the VST2 format and have a bit capacity of 64 bits only!
All unnecessary was cut, including the STANDALONE application, as well as Soundgrid and all modules for it.
List of all plug-ins and synthesizers Waves
Abbey Road Plates Mono
Abbey Road Plates Mono Stereo
Abbey Road Plates Stereo
Abbey Road Vinyl Light Mono
Abbey Road Vinyl Light Stereo
Abbey Road Vinyl Mono
Abbey Road Vinyl Stereo
Aphex Vintage Exciter Mono
Aphex Vintage Exciter Stereo
API-2500 Mono
API-2500 Stereo
API-550A Mono
API-550A Stereo
API-550B Mono
API-550B Stereo
API-560 Mono
API-560 Stereo
AudioTrack Mono
AudioTrack Stereo
Bass Rider Live Mono
Bass Rider Live Stereo
Bass Rider Mono
Bass Rider Stereo
Butch Vig Vocals Mono
Butch Vig Vocals Stereo
C1 comp Mono
C1 comp Stereo
C1 comp-gate mono
C1 comp-gate Stereo
C1 comp-sc Mono
C1 comp-sc Stereo
C1 gate Mono
C1 gate Stereo
C360 5.0
C360 5.1
C4 Mono
C4 Stereo
C6 Mono
C6 Stereo
C6-SideChain Mono
C6-SideChain Stereo
Center Stereo
CLA Bass Mono Stereo
CLA Bass Stereo
CLA Drums Mono Stereo
CLA Drums Stereo
CLA Effects Mono Stereo
CLA Effects Stereo
CLA Guitars Mono Stereo
CLA Guitars Stereo
CLA Unplugged Mono Stereo
CLA Unplugged Stereo
CLA Vocals Mono Stereo
CLA Vocals Stereo
CLA-2A Mono
CLA-2A Stereo
CLA-3A Mono
CLA-3A Stereo
CLA-76 Mono
CLA-76 Stereo
Dbx-160 Mono
Dbx-160 Stereo
DeBreath Mono
DeEsser Mono
DeEsser Stereo
Doppler Mono Stereo
Doppler Stereo
Dorrough Mono
Dorrough Stereo
Dorrough360 5.0
Dorrough360 5.1
Doubler2 Mono
Doubler2 Mono Stereo
Doubler2 Stereo
Doubler4 Mono
Doubler4 Mono Stereo
Doubler4 Stereo
DPR-402 Mono
DPR-402 Stereo
DTS Neural DownMix 5.1 to Stereo 5.1
DTS Neural DownMix 7.1 to 5.1 7.1
DTS Neural DownMix 7.1 to Stereo 7.1
DTS Neural Mono2Stereo Mono Stereo
DTS Neural UpMix 5.1 7.1
DTS Neural UpMix Stereo 5.1
DTS Neural UpMix Stereo 7.1
DTS Neural UpMix Stereo Quad
EKramer BA Mono
EKramer BA Stereo
EKramer DR Mono
EKramer DR Stereo
EKramer FX Mono Stereo
EKramer FX Stereo
EKramer GT Mono Stereo
EKramer GT Stereo
EKramer VC Mono Stereo
EKramer VC Stereo
EMO-D5 Mono
EMO-D5 Stereo
EMO-F2 Mono
EMO-F2 Stereo
EMO-Generator Mono
EMO-Generator Stereo
EMO-Q4 Mono
EMO-Q4 Stereo
Enigma Mono Stereo
Enigma Stereo
GEQ Classic Mono
GEQ Classic Stereo
GEQ Modern Mono
GEQ Modern Stereo
GTR Amp 2Cab Mono
GTR Amp Mono
GTR Amp Mono Stereo
GTR Amp Stereo
GTR Solo Tool Rack Mono Stereo
GTR Solo Tool Rack Stereo
GTR Stomp 2 Mono
GTR Stomp 2 Mono Stereo
GTR Stomp 2 Stereo
GTR Stomp 4 Mono
GTR Stomp 4 Mono Stereo
GTR Stomp 4 Stereo
Gtr Stomp 6 Mono
GTR Stomp 6 Mono Stereo
GTR Stomp 6 Stereo
GTR Tool Rack Mono Stereo
GTR Tool Rack Stereo
GTR Tuner Mono
GW MixCentric Mono
GW MixCentric Stereo
GW PianoCentric Mono
GW PianoCentric Mono Stereo
GW PianoCentric Stereo
GW ToneCentric Mono.
GW ToneCentric Stereo
GW VoiceCentric Mono
GW VoiceCentric Mono Stereo
GW VoiceCentric Stereo
H-Comp Mono
H-Comp Stereo
H-Delay Mono
H-Delay Mono Stereo
H-Delay Stereo
H-EQ Mono
H-EQ Stereo
H-EQ Light Mono
H-EQ Light Stereo
H-Reverb 5.0
H-Reverb 5.1
H-Reverb long 5.0
H-Reverb long 5.1
H-Reverb long Mono
H-Reverb long Mono 5.0
H-Reverb long Mono 5.1
H-Reverb long Mono Stereo
H-Reverb long Stereo
H-Reverb long Stereo 5.0
H-Reverb long Stereo 5.1
H-Reverb Mono
H-Reverb Mono 5.0
H-Reverb Mono 5.1
H-Reverb Mono Stereo
H-Reverb Stereo
H-Reverb Stereo 5.0
H-Reverb Stereo 5.1
IDR360 5.0
IDR360 5.1
IMPusher Mono
IMPusher Stereo
InPhase Live Mono
InPhase Live Stereo
InPhase LT Live Mono
InPhase LT Live Stereo
InPhase LT Mono
InPhase LT Stereo
InPhase Mono
InPhase Stereo
IR-L efficient Stereo
IR-L full stereo
IR-L Mono
IR-L Mono Stereo
IR1 efficient Stereo
IR1 full Stereo
IR1 Mono
IR1 Mono Stereo
IR360 discrete Mono 5.0
IR360 eff discrete 5.0
IR360 eff discrete 5.1
IR360 eff discrete Stereo 5.0
IR360 eff s.field Stereo 5.0
IR360 sound field 5.0
IR360 sound field 5.1
IR360 sound field Mono 5.0
IR360 sound field Stereo 5.0
IRLive Mono
IRLive Mono Stereo
IRLive Stereo
J37 Mono
J37 Stereo
JJP-Bass Mono
JJP-Bass Mono Stereo
JJP-Bass Stereo
JJP-Cymb-Perc Mono Stereo
JJP-Cymb-Perc Stereo
JJP Drums Mono
JJP-Drums Mono Stereo
JJP-Drums Stereo
JJP-Guitars Mono Stereo
JJP-Guitars Stereo
JJP-Strings-Keys Mono Stereo
JJP-Strings-Keys Stereo
JJP-Vocals Mono Stereo
JJP-Vocals Stereo
Kramer HLS Mono
Kramer HLS Stereo
Kramer PIE Mono
Kramer PIE Stereo
Kramer Tape Mono
Kramer Tape Stereo
L1 limiter Mono
L1 limiter Stereo
L1 + Ultramaximizer Stereo
L2 Mono
L2 Stereo
L3 MultiMaximizer Mono
L3 MultiMaximizer Stereo
L3 UltraMaximizer Mono
L3 UltraMaximizer Stereo
L3-LL Multi Mono
L3-LL Multi Stereo
L3-LL Ultra Mono
L3-LL Ultra Stereo
L316 Mono
L316 Stereo
L360 5.0
L360 5.1
LFE360 5.

Year / Release Date: 04/19/2017
Version: 9.91
Developer: Waves
Developer's site:
Format: VST2
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: not required
System requirements: Windows: 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

uploadgig_com: http://uploadgig.com/file/download/eD3D4d0D0345698a/m3j2d.Waves..Complete.v9.91.x64.Quick.Install.part1.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/52DDF98f45b58a19/m3j2d.Waves..Complete.v9.91.x64.Quick.Install.part2.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/C99F2b1b73cf8e27/m3j2d.Waves..Complete.v9.91.x64.Quick.Install.part3.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/bcFcf079a3973C0a/m3j2d.Waves..Complete.v9.91.x64.Quick.Install.part4.rar rapidgator_net: http://rapidgator.net/file/9f2551ab968057dc96210e6526a1e39e/m3j2d.Waves..Complete.v9.91.x64.Quick.Install.part4.rar.html
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