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Default Acoustica Mixcraft v8.1 Build 394 Multilingual

Acoustica Mixcraft v8.1 Build 394 Multilingual | 245 MB

Acoustica Mixcraft 8 is a powerful music production and multi-track recording workstation. It includes thousands of music loops and dozens of audio effects and virtual instruments. Record audio, arrange loops, remix tracks, score and edit video, and mix and master tracks to create polished, professional compositions.Take to the stage with automatically synced, non-stop audio and MIDI clip grooves using the amazingly flexible new Performance Panel, the perfect partner for live performances.
Turn your computer into a fully-stocked professional music production center, live or in the studio! Unleash your creativity with unlimited tracks, sounds, effects, and virtual instruments! Effortlessly adjust clips and digital audio to suit your compositions with the most powerful, best sounding time-stretching and pitch-shifting technology available.

Acoustica Mixcraft 8 is designed for home and project studios. Complete recording studio, featuring unlimited MIDI and audio tracks, over 7000 loops, sound effects, and drum samples, dozens of virtual instruments and effects. Easy-to-navigate streamlined interface.

Live Performance
Rock the house with automatically synced, non-stop audio and MIDI clip grooves using the amazingly flexible Performance Panel. Create mixes and mashups with audio warping and song slicing. Manipulate the Performance Panel under your fingers with a Novation Launchpad, MIDI controller, or even your computer's keyboard, and jam along with Mixcraft's powerful virtual instruments.

MIDI Scoring and Editing
Acoustica Mixcraft 8 lets you build custom beats and musical patterns at lightning speed using the fun and creative new step sequencer. Create and edit performances with the powerful piano roll editor. Use the notation editor to write, view, publish, and print professional-quality music scores.

Tons of Instruments and Effects
Get ready for a plethora of virtual instruments, including emulations of classic synthesizers, rock organs, and electric pianos. Build your own beats and sounds with the exclusive new Omni and Alpha Samplers that redefine ease of use. Lay down a stellar foundation with Acoustica Studio Drums, an ultra-realistic library of sampled drums and percussion. Master your tracks with a tremendous array of outstanding professional effects.

Video Editing
Acoustica Mixcraft 8 is more than just a blockbuster DAW. It's also a feature-packed pro video editing and scoring environment. Load and edit video files and still images with ease. Crossfade video clips, add transitions, and add a professional touch with fantastic video effects. Rapidly create slideshows from photo collections. Add titles and scrolling text. Furthermore, remix the audio, add a soundtrack, and effortlessly render complete video projects to popular formats for DVD creation or YouTube upload.

Mixing and Mastering
View and edit multiple parameters simultaneously with powerful lane and clip-based automation. Use any MIDI hardware controller to automate and record a vast array of mixer, virtual instrument, and effects parameters. Acoustica Mixcraft 8 offers flexible MIDI control surface support, including support for Mackie Control compatible hardware, Novation Launchpad, Frontier Design Group Tranzport. Also Acoustica's exclusive FREE Mixcraft Remote mobile app.

Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Features List:
Gorgeous new interface
64-bit version can host 32-bit plug-ins
Unlimited tracks
Over 7000 loops, sound effects, and samples
Searchable drop-downs and other workflow improvements throughout the software
Plug-in Management allows custom categorization and sorting of plug-ins
Submix, Send Tracks, and Output Tracks for advanced mixing and routing
Support for VST 2.4 effects and instruments with plug-in delay compensation
Support for VST MIDI arpeggiators and processors
Support for Acidized WAV and GarageBand AIF loops
Automation for volume, pan, filters, and VST parameters, with multiple automation lanes.
Multi-track recording with looping, punch in/out
Automation recording with multiple automation lines
Automation editing with copy and paste
Launchpad, Mackie, and TranzPort control surface support
Live Performance Panel for triggering audio and MIDI loops and clips
Alpha Sampler for playing a sample across the keyboard
Omni Sampler for assigning samples to different keys
Audio warping, including auto-warping and audio quantizing
Advanced time-stretching and pitch-shifting technology
Improved auto snap time/beat grid
Piano roll for advanced MIDI editing
Notation for for writing and printing sheet music
Step Editor for quickly building beats and patterns
Easily assign MIDI controllers to transport, track, and plug-in controls for multiple tracks
Mixdown to WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, WMV, and AVI files, with integrated CD burning
Guitar Tuner on every track
Import custom sounds and loops to library
ReWire hosting
FREE Mixcraft Remote App for Android and iOS
Comprehensive help documentation

Whats new:
*Dragging non slider part of slidevil or pan slider and releasing off control, caused slider part to not show correct cursor next time.
*Bug 9652 - Deleting imported sounds is not working apparently
*Select "No automatable parameters" - Volume Env. line disappears
*Fix for Windows 10 Creators Update breaking Wave mode.
*Bug #8588, if the Details tab is undocked and minimized, and the user double-clicks on a sound to edit it, or selects Edit on the right click menu, or creates a new MIDI clip, etc., then the details tab window will be restored.
*If the Video Preview window is minimized, and the user selects Show Video Window, then the Video Window will be restored.
*fixed drawing glitches with ghost audio
*fix for Alt+L being able to add lanes while recording.
*fix for render progress bar logic.
*Fix for crash when recording volume automation, caused by undo node not being created because nothing had changed.
*Bug #9739, fix for problem restoring editor state in Overtones RVB500 VST3 plug-in, and probably with other plug-ins, too.
*we now change grouped tracks, as well as selected tracks with the volume right click
*no animation if in melodyne mode. It was too sluggish
*Bug 9733 - When you search for automation params, there should be some positive feedback
*New scaled way of drawing MIDI notes.
*Bug 9734 - First library search only lets you type one letter until you re-select
*Bug 9732 - 31 band not showing in its chosen category
*Fixed important MIDI preview bug occurring during editing. Removed optimization causing mayhem. Related to bug 9724
*Bug #9723, fix for situation where minimum value is larger than maximum value when editing an envelope point.
*no longer updating value after every keystroke. Only updating on focus loss
*Fix for resetting string for presets after clear his pushed
*Bullet proofing to prevent crash if a clip has no buffer.
*Fixed an issue undoing and redoing new MIDI notes multiple times when a clip is not at 120 bpm and is preview-playing. The notes would undo in the wrong position after the second redo.
*Changed "Ms" to "ms"
*if selecting a new preset in the instruments dialog expands the dialog and puts the bottom of it offscreen, move it back onscreen
*multi-column submenus for our custom dropdown
*More Unicode compatibility
*Bug 9718 - Drag in undownloaded sound from freesound to perf panel - does not work
*missing dropdown resource
*listview loading bug
*automation dropdown is now a CAcuCustomDropdown
*updating help-button page-number links to align with updated manual
*Updated help file

All Link Download :

uploadgig_com: http://uploadgig.com/file/download/945c43e4b3051ea0/6eix5.Acoustica.Mixcraft.v8.1.Build.394.Multilingual.rar nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/3C1FB56352DC799/6eix5.Acoustica.Mixcraft.v8.1.Build.394.Multilingual.rar
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