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Default MAGIX ACID Pro 7.0 Build 746 Multilingual

File size: 123.48 MB
ACID Pro 7 is the latest version of the popular product from Sony Pictures Digital, which allows you to create original professional music of professional quality. Use the ACID Pro application to record your own musical compositions, mix, produce soundtracks with the effect of surround sound, write music to video films, web sites and Flash animations. Intuitive and easy to use tools will help you create products of professional quality.


Wide functionality. Use an unlimited number of looped fragments and MIDI tracks as the basis for your own compositions. Software synthesizers VSTi will create sound tracks with the effect of surround sound and add a sound series to video films.

Audio effects. Use the increasing resonances, apply the sound attenuation effect, change the equalizer settings and create your own audio effects, using the new automated parameter settings and level controls. The ACID Pro application contains new automatically applied effects (such as Resonant Filters, Track EQ and Flange / Wah Wah / Phase). The ACID Pro product also includes more than 20 DirectX audio effects (including Amplitude Modulation, Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Flange, Noise Gate, Reverb and many others).

Improved tools for working with materials in MIDI format. ACID Pro allows you to view and edit MIDI files in a special window with an image of the keyboard synthesizer. A new MIDI file editor allows you to draw notes and greatly simplifies graphical editing of MIDI fragment parameters. You can also edit the messages of the continuous controller (Continuous Controller). Use external MIDI devices to record MIDI fragments within the ACID project or add events using the step-by-step recording mechanism. Stretching the timeline allows you to play MIDI tracks at a specified tempo, in addition, you can add special effects to them, like any other audio tracks.

Support for Rewire technology. ACID PRO supports Rewire technology. You can use ACID with software synthesizers VSTi or ReWire, including Propellerhead's Reason. Thanks to the support of this technology, it is possible to stream audio material in real time, accurately synchronize music samples and provide the transfer of functionality between ACID and other applications compatible with this technology.

Innovative music creation based on cycles

Automatic adjustment of pitch and tempo;
Listening to the cycle in real time;
User-friendly interface;
Support for multi-channel audio;
Automatic attenuation control;
ACID Pro contains more than 1000 cyclic sounds, ready for use.

Recording multi-channel audio and MIDI

Sound quality support 24-bit, 192kHz;
Recording MIDI;
Supports surround sound 5.1.

uploadgig_com: http://uploadgig.com/file/download/eaaAc6cBf70b9b62/h1ivj.MAGIX.ACID.Pro.7.0.Build.746.Multilingual.rar nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/7738C713D73ED10/h1ivj.MAGIX.ACID.Pro.7.0.Build.746.Multilingual.rar
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