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Default Accessory Software Net Viewer 9.1 DC 04.02.2017

File Size: 24.15 MB

Net Viewer is a simple yet powerful application that enables you to easily manage and organize your favorite websites in an encrypted database. Net Viewer enables you to add the results of an internet search or the accessible links on a web page to the organizer database. You can view all your collected web sites by category, priority, web site name, and any of three search key words. The HTML source code for a website page can be viewed in Net Viewer, and the website and multimedia links can be extracted.

Net Viewer provides complete database functions such as search, query, browse, and print. You can create and maintain separate databases of bookmarks for different users, and export bookmarks to another user. Databases can be saved offline and restored.


Browse the Internet and selectively save Web Site addresses in an Organized Database using any number of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Windows at once!
Save hundreds or thousands of Web Site address locations in groups with priorities and Search words for easy sort and selection by individual Users.
Simply click on the web site name to quickly view the web site.
Create your own groups at any time, and easily change Web Sites groups and priorities.
Sort and Select Web Sites by group, priority, name, and up to three key search words.
Separate all your Web Sites with Passwords and User IDs in a separate table for quick password retrieval to avoid forgetting passwords.
Create Lists of Web Sites in the Web Site Database Organizer for quick viewing of specific Web Sites on the list with the click of a button.
Run Lists of Web Pages on a Timer for continuous Stock Quote Updates in one or more Internet Explorer Windows.
Easily Import existing Favorites from your Web Browser with search function to locate Web Site Addresses on your computer disk.
Send and Receive E-Mail with Web Site Address Attached to share Web Sites, if you are using Microsoft Outlook Express or compatible E-Mail program.
Send and Received Attached Files with/without Zip Files.
Organize EMail into Folders regardless of EMail Service or EMail App.
Save thousands of Sent and Received E-Mail with URL Lists in a separate table in the database, and use SQL to Select and Sort Achieved E-Mail.
Access URLs in E-Mail and E-Mail lists in the database at any time.
Local Network support.
Share Urls, Bookmarks, Url Lists with other devices and PCs running Net Viewer and Net Viewer Lite on LAN or WiFI.
Browse, Query, Find and Print functions for the Web Sites and achieved E-Mail.
Printed Reports for Web Sites, URL Lists, and E-Mail Tables with SQL Functions for selecting Records.
Automatically collect and add Webs sites while Browsing the Web using any number of Internet Explorer Windows, separating by Group, assigning descriptions and Keywords.
Quickly switch between users with the User List.
Export Frequently used Favorite Web Sites back to Internet Explorer.
Save any user's internet database in another location.
Restore the saved internet database to active use at any time.
View, Save, and Print Web Page HTML Source Code if accessible.
Extract HTTP and FTP links from Web Page and add to the Web Site Database.
Add extracted links to the Web Site Database at one time. Use the results of a Search Engine to gather the Web Site links, and add to any old or new group.
Extract accessible multimedia files links from a Web Page and view separately with Internet Explorer.
Save Web Pages on your disk for offline viewing and add link to the database.
Set up Keyboard Function, Letter or Number Keys to quickly take you to selected Web Sites.
A Sample Database is included with popular Web Sites to help you become familiar with using the program.
Complete Help for easy program use.
Select Picture Icons on your disk and match to Web Sites for quick visual reference to frequently visited web sites.
Hierarchal Views of Web Site Locations.
Setup User on one computer to use Database of another Net Viewer User on other PC's on the network.
Open Pictures, documents, and Web Pages saved on your disk or over the network, and save links in the database.
Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, WIndows 7, and Windows 8. Older Version supports Windows 98 and Me.
Windows 8 Tablet Ready!


Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.


uploadgig_com: http://uploadgig.com/file/download/D72aD17F5d7E5650/1z9yq.Accessory.Software.Net.Viewer.9.1.DC.04.02.2017.rar nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/5A270E1ACA62DD3/1z9yq.Accessory.Software.Net.Viewer.9.1.DC.04.02.2017.rar
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