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Default ThaLoops Trippin Percussion Loops WAV REX AiFF

ThaLoops Trippin Percussion Loops WAV REX AiFF
FANTASTiC | 16 May 2017 | 250 MB

Trippin' Percussion Loops 1 (WAV/AIFF/REX2) - Includes 160 advanced percussion loops, 480 files provided in 3 formats: REX2, WAV & AIFF. 262MB in total size, ThaLoops delivers an ultimate collection of percussion loops matching almost every hip hop production aspect. Wether you are producing a downtempo or an uptempo beat the percussion loop-set is featuring a variety of rhythmic patterns programmed to match your productions. Just add and mix-match your own kick and snare patterns with "Trippin' Percussion Loops 1" and save your production time. Live performance recordings were programmed into fresh hip hop percussion loops. Make your beats with ease and surprise your clients with quality. The innovative touch to your productions is guaranteed using percussion loops from the set.

Trippin' Percussion Loops 1 are using tempo layouts matching other ThaLoops loop-sets such as: "Indian Loops 1", "RnB Piano Loops 1", "Wicked Loops 1" and more. Combine all loops from the sets and make quality beats within minutes! To design 160 loops we didn't set the limits on percussion instruments to be used, so much that even stringed ethnic instruments were used for the rhythmic patterns. The loop-set stylistically is focused towards hip hop but can be easily used in pop, rock, dub step, dance productions. Due to modern DAW's time stretching capability we are providing "Tripping Percussion Loops 1" in Top 3 loop formats: REX2, ACID WAV and Apple Loops AIFF.

The Loop-set is arranged into four tempos: 90bpm, 100bpm, 110bpm, 120bpm offering extensive rhythm possibilities. Each tempo folder encloses 40 original percussion loops (10 themes per tempo). Every theme is built out of 4 loops: "Main Loop", and "Break 1", "Break 2", "Fill" variation loops. 160 hip hop percussion loops in total, 40 unique percussion rhythms and variations for each tempo! Theme number 10 from a tempo set 120bpm includes 4 percussion loops and is named accordingly:

"Main loop" = 10M-120 (.wav, .rx2, .aif)

"Break 1" = 10B1-120 (.wav, .rx2, .aif)

"Break 2" = 10B2-120 (.wav, .rx2, .aif)

"FIll" = 10B1-120 (.wav, .rx2, .aif)

Produce beats like an expert geared up with 160 loops and prevent dull, droning arrangements!


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uploadgig_com: http://uploadgig.com/file/download/6fa1EA08aad84d91/embm4.ThaLoops.Trippin.Percussion.Loops.WAV.REX.AiFF.rar nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/04E8011ABC799C3/embm4.ThaLoops.Trippin.Percussion.Loops.WAV.REX.AiFF.rar
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