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Default Lectora Inspire 17.0.5 Build 11099

Lectora Inspire 17.0.5 Build 11099 | Windows x86/x64 | English | Size: 1.08 GB

Create mobile-friendly courses easily. Including the popular Responsive Course Design feature introduced in Lectora 16, Lectora 17 makes creating multi-device courses easier than ever with great new features.

Seamless Play
This new publishing feature enables smooth transitions within your courses for both desktop and mobilegiving the end user a more immersive view of the course.

Auto-play Media on Mobile
Now, you can provide the same engaging experience on mobile devices as on the desktop. Media can now automatically play when a page is opened, simplifying delivery of voice over narration and video content.

Anchor Position
Objects can maintain their location on the page, even when the view is scrolled. This is perfect for use in mobile courses to anchor logos, headers/footers, navigation controls, images, and videos.

BranchTrack Integration
Easily create scenario-based eLearning with BranchTrack, integrated right with the Inspire Tools. Then add scenarios right into your Lectora course.

Quickly and easily create mobile courses.
The new RCD feature allows you to design courses in the desktop view, and Lectora will automatically rescale objects to fit on mobile devices. You can then make customizations for each view to fit your desires!

Design once. Distribute everywhere.
Because Lectora automatically adjusts the tablet and phone views, you only need to design your course once, no matter how many devices you plan to distribute to. No more rebuilds for each new phone that comes out.

Adjust mobile views to perfect your course.

You can make custom adjustments to any object to further ensure your course looks and functions perfectly on all devices. Its easy to use the Responsive Bar at the top of the work area in Lectora to see and edit each view.

Convert existing courses to RCD.
In just three clicks, you can convert your existing, non-responsive titles to RCD, and then make any device-specific adjustments that you choose.

What's New in Lectora Inspire 17

Release Notes:

- Two pages loading at once with Seamless Play and Flash
- Bookmarking not working properly with Seamless Play enabled and no Lightbox pop-ups
- Bookmarking not working properly with Seamless Play enabled and web accessibility selected
- Lightbox pop-up causing title to close when published to SCORM with Seamless Play enabled
- Unable to import a Lectora Online package file containing a custom default button style

- Modify Variable action incorrectly adding some decimal places

- Entry Fields and Fill in the Blank questions will not retain entire answers in xAPI publish

- Crash when BranchTrack scenario includes null Path or Score variable

Requires one of the following operating systems:
- Microsoft Windows 10
- Microsoft Windows XP
- Microsoft Windows Vista
- Microsoft Windows 7
- Microsoft Windows 8


Buy Premium Account & Support me
uploadgig_com: http://uploadgig.com/file/download/7Ce2708d32f2F688/wpvw9.Lectora.Inspire.17.0.5.Build.11099.part1.rar http://uploadgig.com/file/download/21a4400fe9102664/wpvw9.Lectora.Inspire.17.0.5.Build.11099.part2.rar nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/D8B9F2DA094DE65/wpvw9.Lectora.Inspire.17.0.5.Build.11099.part1.rar http://nitroflare.com/view/EF180CED094B14B/wpvw9.Lectora.Inspire.17.0.5.Build.11099.part2.rar
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