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Default Corona Renderer 1.6.1 for.3ds Max 2012-2017

File size: 109 MB
Render Legion a.s. announced the release of Corona Renderer 1.6 for 3ds Max, Hotfix 1. This update includes the first Command Line version of the Corona Image Editor for batch processing, plus various bug fixes.

The latest update to the Corona Renderer once again brings many new features to this CPU-based un(biased) photorealistic renderer. The focus is on speed in rendering & workflow, with overhauled Distributed Rendering, improvements to IR, the Corona Image Editor for working with your images outside of any 3D application, bake LightMix settings into the scene, 3ds Max 2018 support, and more.

New features in Corona Renderer 1.6:

- Distributed Rendering Overhaul
Distributed Rendering overhaul - Makes it easier than ever to leverage the power of all available machines. Improvements include 3ds Max being pre-started on all slave machines to reduce wait times; assets that are missing on the slave machines are transferred automatically only to those machines that need them; Corona DR now works with adaptivity, and rendering to a noise level limit; and more detailed and accurate information is displayed on master and slave machines, e.g. showing memory usage.
- Interactive LightMix
The unique Interactive LightMix feature now allows changes made in the VFB to be baked into the scene, making LightMix an ideal way to set up lighting rather than edit individual lights. The automatic LightMix setup has been improved with the option to setup via instanced, grouped or individual lights, with the memory requirements shown for each different setup.
- Corona Image Editor
The new standalone Corona Image Editor (CIE) allows all denoising, LightMix and post-processing functionality to be used on Corona EXR files, giving access to all the Corona VFB features outside of any 3D software and without the need to re-render. Standard EXR files can also be loaded, and Corona post-processing effects such as tone mapping, bloom and glare, etc. can be applied. Post-processing and LightMix configurations can easily be exchanged between the CIE and the Corona VFB.
- And More.
Post-processing options have been extended, with custom tone curves, sharpen/blur capability, and improved vignetting.
New improved shading means that faceted terminator shadows on low-poly objects and materials with bump maps are no longer an issue.
Other improvements include subsampling in Interactive Rendering, allowing much faster updates; new options for Corona Scatter to place objects along splines or in regular patterns; Triplanar mapping; non-360 stereo rendering; support for 3ds Max native 2D Pan Zoom and Lens Distortion; improved Corona RoundEdges map rendering; fuzzy render regions; and more.


Below you will find the list of changes in this release, including the (still experimental) Command Line version of the Corona Image Editor and numerous bug fixes:

- Fixed scatter UV pattern random offset moving all objects only in one direction. Now the objects are properly moved in random directions. Old scenes are preserved via legacy checkbox.
- Added legacy switch to Corona Rounded edges texmap, which switches the behavior back to 1.5
- Fixed drawing of Corona VFB render regions when also using 3ds Max render regions
- Fixed crash caused by zooming in VFB with sharpening+blurring enabled
- Fixed a bug causing low CPU utilization when setting spline scatter random seed
- Fixed NaNs produced by CoronaOutput texmap with extreme gamma settings
- Fixed offset between beauty and alpha channels when using sharpening
- Fixed Corona Proxy crashing in max 2018
- Martin Geupel's (deadclown) coronaConverter script bundled in the installer updated to version 1.36
- Fixed: standard lights shadow conversion overwrote already existing CoronaShadows settings
- Fixed: Mental Ray Multi/Sub-Map slot order
- Added buttons to enable or disable legacy mode in CoronaRoundEdges map
- Fixed crash when exporting a scene to invalid location
- Fixed occasional crash in Corona Standalone and Corona Image Editor when the license was not activated
- Fixed CoronaBitmap producing artifacts in some cases with HDR maps as light source
- Fixed spelling in tooltips, added translations of new tooltips
- Fixed significant slowdown from Corona VFB when using sharpening
- Fixed converter and init scripts in installer
- FIxed NaNs caused by very small lights far from scene origin


- Fixed incorrect representation of non-ascii characters in camera name on slaves
- Fixed incorrect status report that the remote side (slave) is not responding
- Fixed hang when closing DR server during render
- Fixed DR bug causing warning messages about failing to accumulate EXRs
- Better error reporting when slaves do not have a 3ds Max version capable of rendering received scene

Corona Image Editor

- Added command line version usable for batch image processing - this variant is still experimental and may contain bugs
- Fixed saving PNG files to contain an alpha channel
- Fixed crash when opening curve editor when no image is loaded
- Installer now issues a warning when .cxr and/or .cexr file extensions fail to be associated with Image Editor
- Fixed zooming using mouse wheel not always respecting the cursor position
- Fixed vignetting giving different results from Corona VFB in some cases

Product: Corona Renderer
Version: 1.6.1
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8.x / 10
Software Prerequisites: Autodesk 3ds Max 2012-2017

Download link:
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