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Default CosiMate 8.1.0

OS: Windows 32/64bit | Language: English | Size: 217 + 276 MB

With the growing complexity of systems in areas such as automotive, aerospace, and communications, integrating software, hardware, and mechanical components is becoming more and more challenging. In many engineering organizations, the design of complex systems often requires the cooperation of several teams from different domains of expertise using different development and validation tools. Before actual implementation, system engineers today need to be able to validate the whole system behavior as early as possible in the development- cycle and at different abstraction levels.

In contrast to a point-to-point solution, where one simulator is able to communicate with only one other simulator, CosiMate uses an open architecture based on a co-simulation bus.

This solution offers two major advantages, an open architecture enabling multi-point integration and communication of heterogeneous simulators, and the ability to simulate models across the network optimizing CPU usage and simulation performance.

Key Features

Heterogeneous models: electrical, mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, algorithmic, state charts etc...
Hardware / Software co-verification, Hardware In the Loop testing.
Simulation across functional areas and across the organization.
Supports multiple simulators/ languages, multiple solvers within a unique simulator, multiple abstraction levels, various data type connections all possible within a single co-simulation project.
Flexibility for simulation dynamics: multiple communication sample times (time steps), and multiple start times are supported.
Supports pure Event-Driven co-simulations with HDL and UML based simulators.
Flexibility for event-driven communication: interrupt driven, busy-wait polling, buffering...
Supports heterogeneous co-simulation between solvers (e.g., Simulink) and event-driven (HDL, UML) or sequential (C) simulators.
Easy simulator connection using a graphical editor to build the co-simulation netlist.
Easy setup for remote access and Multi-platforms co-simulations.
Easy simulator management and customized simulators set up.
Easy framework integration by using by using standard XML descriptions for I/O.
Integrated debugging and monitoring features (Spy data, VCD and Excel traces, co-simulation controls).
A large choice of simulation types (e.g., continuous or discrete simulations) and data types (e.g., scalar, logic, vector, or bus).
LAN and WAN co-simulations.
MPI co-simulation

Release Updates:

Main features
- Windows 10 support
- Support of most recent version of coupled simulators
- Stability and performance improved

Supported Simulator and Language Interfaces

The MathWorks: Matlab®/Simulink®
IBM Rational: Statemate®, Rhapsody®
Synopsys: Saber®, SaberRD®, Saber® HDL, Virtualizer
MSC Software: Easy5®, Adams®
Autodesk: Inventor®
LMS International: Imagine.Lab AMESim®, Virtual.Lab® Motion
Powersys: EMTP-RV®
Powersim: PSIM®
Gamma Technologies: GT-Suite®
Mentor Graphics: Modelsim®
Engineering Center Steyr: Kuli®
Dassault Systèmes: Dymola®
Mechanical Simulation: CarSim®
Siemens: NX I-deas TMG
ANSYS Mechanical

C, C++

Note: Additional languages can be easily encapsulated in a C wrapper.

Supported Platforms
Windows 32 and 64-bits: XP Pro SP2+, Vista, 7, 10.

Product: CosiMate
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even and newer


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