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Default SAPIEN PowerShell Studio 2017 5.4.144 (x86x64)

File size: 105.3/109.4 MB

SAPIEN is out to make Windows administrative tasks simpler. We offer best-of-class script editors, authoritative PowerShell books, training videos, supportive communities, and real-world training.

The premier editor and tool-making environment for Windows PowerShell.

- Fully-featured Windows PowerShell editor.
- Visually create PowerShell GUI tools.
- Convert scripts into executable (.exe) files.
- Create MSI installers.
- Create modules from your existing functions or help files.
- Create advanced functions using the Function Builder.
- Script with cmdlets from a remote machine.
- Source control integration.
- Integrated PowerShell consoles. (32-bit & 64-bit)
- Comprehensive script debugger.
- Remote debugging.
- Multi-file and module debugging.
- 32-bit and 64-bit PowerShell integration.
- Built-in PowerShell help.
- Supports Windows PowerShell 2.0 - 5.0.
- Code Formatting.
- Plus much more.

Whats New:
ADD: PrimalSense support for PowerShell classes defined in scripts with cross-file support.
ADD: Packager Restriction: Disable script block transcripts while running.
ADD: Required .NET runtime to packager engine descriptions.
ADD: PowerShell Windows App engine now supports colored output
ADD: Refactoring for classes and class members.
ADD: Reference highlighting and Find All References for types and type members.
ADD: *.Help.txt to project's default synchronization filter.
ADD: Slight delay before querying variable states when debugging.
ADD: Class scope navigation menu to the editor's navigation bar.
UPD: Module Projects will now add ps1 files with defaults: Build = Content and Shared = True (was False).
UPD: Form - Fade In Effect control set now sets the form's Opacity to 0.
UPD: Ctrl + C now stops the console execution in addition to copying the text.
UPD: Disabled packager for Module Projects.
UPD: Function and classes changes are reflected immediately by syntax coloring when switching between documents.
UPD: Minor improvements to load performance.
FIX: PrimalSense sometimes returned incorrect type for pipe statements.
FIX: Attribute types cast were colored as attributes when casted without parenthesis ().
FIX: Namespace / Type PrimalSense was not triggered for attributes.
FIX: Functions with parameters on the next line after the name declaration were not detected correctly.
FIX: Module Project would stop build if the stage folder failed to delete.
FIX: Remoting was disabled for Collection Projects.
FIX: Commandline engine output is not Unicode.
FIX: Unsigned packaging engines detected as malware.
FIX: Installer title text was cut off on high DPI machines.
FIX: Project's default synchronization filter had psxml instead of ps1xml.
FIX: "Disable script block logging" did not detect per user group policy.
FIX: "Do not run with script block logging" now requires definitive disabling this setting.
FIX: Project sync was not filtering out .git folders.
FIX: Variables panel filter would still properties of filtered variables.
FIX: Open files were not preserved when user logs out without closing the application.
FIX: The Undo stack was cleared after a file was signed.
FIX: The Run / Debug Parameter Dialog would throw an exception when a default value contained multiple lines.
FIX: Function Builder was displaying multiline parameter default values on a single line.

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