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Default eDrawings Professional 2017 Suite Updated 09.29.2017

for CATIA V5, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, NX, ProE, Creo
OS: Windows 32/64bit | Language: Multilanguage | Size: 956 MB

eDrawings is the premier 2D and 3D design communication tool for internal and external design teams. Delivering a rich collaborate tool set, eDrawings enables everyone to speed up their design processes and get to market faster.

eDrawings is available for Windows desktop, Mac desktop, and mobile, iOS and Android devices. The eDrawings product is delivered in two flavours, eDrawings Viewer for model viewing and interrogations and eDrawings Professional for model authoring and AR capabilities. eDrawings Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is only available on mobile devices.

For eDrawings Professional Mobile users, Augmented Reality mode enables designers to share and show 3D designs and concepts that can be viewed in the context of the real world. All project stakeholders can understand the impact of real world constraints on designs and gain greater understanding of products and proposals.

Building upon the strong foundation of eDrawings Viewer , eDrawings Professional enables true design collaboration with markup functionality allowing users to create, edit, and save reviews by redlining 2D or 3D data and adding comments. Users of eDrawings Professional can also measure geometry within an eDrawing files when dimensions are missing, but sensitive design data can be protected by simply disabling the measurement feature.

eDrawings Professional allows users to gain understanding of product assembly and internal structure with dynamic cross sectioning and component move and explodes. View SOLIDWORKS animations, simulation and plastic results to understand design intent, performance and manufacturability.

Features & Benefits

Built-in Viewer
View and print native SOLIDWORKS®, supported AutoCAD® DWG and DXF files.

Drawing Layout
Open individual views in a drawing and arrange them as desired, regardless of how the views were arranged in the original drawing. eDrawings automatically arranges the views intelligently and enables printing and exporting of any subset of a drawing.

Simply click on any view annotation and the corresponding view is immediately
highlighted, making navigating a drawing as easy as browsing a web page.

3D Pointer
Easily identify and match geometry in multiple drawing views, allowing easier interpretation when comparing the same location within different views.

Point-and-click Animation
Quickly interpret and understand any SOLIDWORKS drawing by dynamically viewing the 3D model as it automatically rotates through each drawing view.

View Design Analyses
Easily share design analysis results created by SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

View SOLIDWORKS Plastics Analyses
Review output from SOLIDWORKS Plastics and share the analysis of the plastic injection manufacturibility of molded parts.

Save in STL and other file formats
Take advantage of eDrawings files for rapid prototyping and presentation purposes by saving files in STL, TIFF, JPEG, or BMP formats.

eDrawings Pro 10.4/10.8 for NX 6.0-11.0
eDrawings Pro 10.4/10.7 for Creo Parametric 1.0-4.0
eDrawings Pro 10.4/10.7 for ProE WildFire 2.0-5.0
eDrawings Pro 10.5/10.8 for CATIA V5 R20-R27
eDrawings Pro 10.4/10.7 for Solid Edge ST2-ST9
eDrawings Pro 10.4/10.9 for Autodesk Inventor 2010-2018
What's new

Updated 9/29/2017

The eDrawingsforAutodeskInventor x64 installer has been updated to version 10.9 (support for Autodesk Inventor 2018)

How to install eDrawings for Creo v10.6 for Creo 4.0:

eDrawings for Creo 10.6 does not support Creo 4.0 and can not be installed for Creo 4.0 with standard installation procedure

to install it you need

1. Go to \F000\Common Files\bin\pim\xml (by default C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 4.0\F000\Common Files\bin\pim\xml) and make backup copy of file "creobase.p.xml"

2. Open "creobase.p.xml" in text editor and edit string


3. Save "creobase.p.xml"
4. Run setup "eDrawingsForProE_Creo_10_6_64Bit.exe"
5. Select "Install eDrawings Viewer + eDrawings Publisher for Pro/ENGINEER"
6. On the next page for "Select Pro/ENGINEER path for additional versions" click "Add Pro/E..."
7. Browse to \F000\Common Files (by default C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 4.0\F000\Common Files) and click "OK"
8. Install eDrawings for Creo v10.6
9. Restore original "creobase.p.xml"
10. Now you can use eDrawings for Creo 10.6 from Creo 4.0 interface


Buy Premium Account & Support me
uploadgig_com: https://rapidgator.net/file/ca32c63caff3c6f1cc9b728effcbb5bb/imqiq.eDrawings.Professional.2017.Suite.Updated.09.29.2017.rar.html or http://uploadgig.com/file/download/Fec95a352104649f/imqiq.eDrawings.Professional.2017.Suite.Updated.09.29.2017.rar
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