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Default TTI Pipeline Toolbox 2017 18.1.0

File size: 146/145 MB

Pipeline Tools consist of the most comprehensive software tools on the market. These engineering tools are designed for engineers and technicians who work with both gas and liquid/product pipelines and contain program and modules to increase the productivity and efficiency of the user by solving pipeline design, analysis, and maintenance and related engineering problems. Examples include pipeline design/maintenance, HDD simulation, AC mitigation, corrosion and subsea stability. In addition, RSTRENG+ the preferred tools is provided.

Since its start in 1996, the Pipeline Toolbox has become a pipeline industry standard. But that standard has been limited to use on the PC desktop and did not offer any modelling or analysis tools. NOT ANYMORE! Our new skyBoxes are Cloud based collaborative tools spread across multiple access platforms providing powerful modeling and complex analysis tools. Thus the above referenced Petroleum skyBox PowerTools© can be used to solve such problems as internal corrosion, In-Line-Inspection (ILI), and flow assurance modeling & analysis; including pipeline leak detection. Technical Toolboxes corporate customers may evaluate the Pipeline skyBox at NO ADDITIONAL COST for an evaluation period of time.

Some of the Advanced "PowerTools" planned for our Pipeline Toolbox corporate customers through the Pipeline SkyBox include:

New RSTRENG© Defect Analysis as required by PHMSA and CFR 192/195 including ASME B31G, Modified and other remaining strength algorithms

Pipeline Design
Pipeline Toolbox is the most comprehensive suite of Pipeline software tools on the market. It is designed for those engineers and technicians who work with both gas and liquid/product pipelines and contains all the program modules to increase the productivity and efficiency of the user by providing a suite of "tools" to solve day-to-day pipeline design, analysis, and maintenance and related engineering problems. Examples include:

* Pipeline Hydraulics, Compressor & Pump Stations, Pipeline Design Calculations
* Hot Tap Sizing, Relief Valve Sizing
* Meter & Regulator Design and Pipe Sizing
* Steel & PE Pipe Design & Stress Analysis
* HDD, Boring and Cased Crossings
* Corrosion, Cathodic Protection, RSTRENG
* API 1102/Crossings/Wheel & Track Load
* DOT/PHMSA Pipeline Regulations & Forms

HDD Toolbox
The Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Toolbox is a comprehensive suite of software tools, in line with our Toolbox series, for use in the design and installation of pipelines and utilities by HDD. Installation by HDD presents a challenge for professionals involved in HDD due to the composite nature of HDD technology, and its diverse technical disciplines, which includes soil mechanics, drilling and rehology, structural mechanics and pipeline/piping technology.

The HDD Toolbox suite of integrated software applications was specifically developed for professionals involved in design, engineering, and installation of pipelines and utilities by horizontal directional drilling. The software can be used for the design and installation of pipe and conduits for various applications including natural gas, petroleum, water lines and other fluid transport as well as for telecommunications, and electrical power lines. The underlying mathematical models and technical procedures are based on the latest HDD technology and are in compliance with current regulations, standards and recommended practices. The software contains more than 20 program modules grouped by :
* Drilling fluids management and hydraulics
* Installation of steel pipe by HDD
* Installation of plastic pipe by HDD
* Installation of cable in conduit (CIC) by HDD
* Integrated pipe and soil databases
* Associated program utilities


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