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Default ActiveFax Server 6.65 Build 0289 (x86x64)

File Size: 32.81 MB

ActiveFax Server is a handy utility designed to transmit and receive faxes across the enterprise network, as well as sending them by e-mail. ActFax has a client-server architecture and stores all data to the fax server. Integrating fax client and the ActFax printer allows you to easily send faxes from any application. ActFax has several standard interfaces that integrate fax services with other applications. Installing and configuring ActFax only takes a few minutes. ActFax automatically detects and configures the available hardware, so a fax server, you can useimmediately after installation.


ActFax allows you to quickly and easily send faxes. To send a document by fax or email with ActFax, you just select the print option in your application and specify the printer ActiveFax as the target printer. At this point, a screen appears with the question of the recipient (or a list of recipients) of the message. To select a recipient, you can use the shared or private phone book.

After that ActFax transmits the document to the fax server that automatically saves and sends it (fax transmission rate depends on the degree of urgency and availability of fax lines). When you send a message fails, the call is automatically repeated, using special technology to redial. The program will automatically inform the author of the document by sending via reports, e-mails or pop-up window on the fax client.

Accessibility from any workstation

Due to the client-server architecture, all the documents available to users from any workstation on the network. User access to documents is limited by its rights. Using extensions, you can automatically transfer incoming messages to specific email addresses. For each user, you can automatically print faxes on a particular printer and automatic transfer of received faxes by email.

Sending faxes from other applications

Through programming interface ActFax easily integrates with other applications, allowing you to use them to send faxes and e-mails. Thus, you can use other applications for placement or order confirmation by fax. All information about the message (fax number, subject, and so the degree of urgency. D.) Is indicated in the input fields. They can be integrated with virtually any type of application, regardless of the programming language or operating system, so you can send messages from any program.

Key features ActiveFax:
Support for Terminal Server and Citrix.
Client-server architecture.
Centralized data storage on the fax server.
Access to data from any computer on the network.
The security system, based on users' rights.
Support almost all fax modems (Class 1, 2 and 2.0), ISDN-adapters and Brooktrout fax boards and Intel / Dialogic.
Support for VoIP / FoIP via software Eicon «Diva Server SoftIP».
Supports unlimited number of rooms and fax lines (modems).
The provision of free technical support and software updates.
The ability to send faxes and e-mail messages from any Windows-based applications.
Sending a fax and e-mail messages from UNIX and Linux through connections LPD / LPR, FTP, TFTP and RAW-TCP, as well as import messages from the file system.
Automatic transfer of received faxes using extensions (DDI, MSN, DID), caller ID and trace line.
Automatic printing of received fax messages and sending reports for each user.
Automatic transmission of faxes received by mail (for one or several addresses).
Automatic export of fax messages.
The ability to attach files to e-mails in the formats PDF, Tiff, Multipage Tiff, GIF and BMP.
Automatic setting of all parameters of the message (fax number, subject, and so the degree of urgency. D.) For fully automated sending of messages from different applications.
Formatting of fax messages received from other operating systems, using the commands HP-LaserJet (PCL), Epson-LQ, Postscript and PDF.
Automatic saving faxes.
General and personal phone books.
Direct access to the Outlook address book and Exchange.
Data exchange with external tables via ODBC.
Transmission of electronic messages via SMTP through direct Internet connection or a remote connection.
Support for HP Digital Sender 9100C.
Cost-effective use of available resources, low hardware requirements.
Automatic detection and adjustment of the equipment.

- New Features -

* Improvements in the XCAPI interface to avoid timeouts.
* Several modifications and enhancements for Windows 10.
* Checking DID numbers for the longest matching number at inbound
fax routing when DID numbers with variable length are used.
* Automatically convert the date to the format "MMM DD, YYYY" for dates
displayed in MDY format.
* New parameter SingleFaxCallNumber in the options.cfg file, to just collect
faxes for specific fax numbers to be sent in a single fax call.
* New parameter HTTPAddFaxID, to automatically add the fax ID to the
subject field for faxes sent through Web fax services.
* Automatically save and preset the directory used in the export of multiple
faxes on the fax client.

- Bug Fixes -

* Problem with the -PrinterResolution parameter solved in the setup program.
* Program crash at notifications of locked fax messages with more than 20 pages

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