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Default Radio Optimizer 7.1.26

File Size: 7.17 MB

The RADIO OPTIMIZER is the inexpensive alternative to hardware sound processing but with many more features and a fantastic sound experience.

A great variety of features are integrated depending on the level (see Features). The full version contains all availible features plus the Fraunhofer xHE Codec Pack for HQ-Webstreaming with low bitrates and FM sound quality.

The software can be used on the same PC as the playout software or / and the streamer. Simultaneous output of studio audio and MPX is possible, for MPX a professional soundcard with 192 kHz is required.

Whats New:
- power limiter 1 / loudnes controling for DMC (NEW)
To avoid that very compressed material will be processed with the DMC (distortion masked clipper) the power limiter 1 can be enabled. Also it manages the amount of clipping by dynamic material. A very useful feature to get a bigger sound by attending the program material and avoid over processed sound walls.
- power limiter 2 / loudnes controling for DAB+ digital radio and FM
The power limiter got a facelift and works now very clean without pumping. Important for fm stations that have to
attent the BS412 loudness level (Image) and the EBU R128 -18 for DAB+ digital radio
- mpx processing
We replaced the old BS412 mpx power limiter, the new one works much better and produces a loud but clear fm signal by attending the fm rules (75 khz, 0dBr)
- better samplerate converter
- many bug fixes

Recommended system features: Windows 7, 8, 10, processor> i3 (dual or quad-core), >= 4GB of ram. Works with onboard sound card or a sound card recommended as RME or Marian for input / output with low latency. To use multible instances a higher CPU equipment is required.

uploadgig_com: http://uploadgig.com/file/download/647aF38893c2069a/ok0s3.Radio.Optimizer.7.1.26.rar nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/04B81C92B8974B7/ok0s3.Radio.Optimizer.7.1.26.rar
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