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Default Atomic Scribbler 2.30

File size: 30.1 MB

While some creative writers are satisfied with their classical text tools, like Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer, others are probably interested in a software solution with features more focused on storytelling. Atomic Scribbler is such a program. Adopting the clear-cut and familiar look of Microsoft Word, the application comes bundled with functions specially designed for novelists and short story writers when it comes to building a scene, researching, and taking notes.

Text editor for storytelling with a familiar look
It has a sample project to demonstrate what it can do. The main window is split into three important tabs for managing project details, making actions, as well as using word processor features.

Multiple tabs are supported, so you can keep multiple parts of the project opened at the same time to easily navigate them. You can add new scenes and organize them into multiple folders, write notes on the right side of the window while keeping the current scene visible, take notes for the entire project, and create as many chapters as necessary.

Build scenes, research, take notes, and more
The key difference between "Document" and "Fragments" is that fragments are designed to contain parts of the story you're not sure of yet but don't wish to eliminate either. Instead, sections of the document can be extracted and moved to fragments for later revisiting using drag and drop. This is only an example, however, since you can use the "Document" and "Fragments" trees in any way you like. They simply ensure that pieces of information can be seamlessly transferred back and forth without copying and pasting.

The "Research" section is similar to the first two, except that it should contain only ideas and facts for the story, not the story itself. It can be populated with scenes, notes, folders, images, bookmarks and files. For instance, external text documents can be imported as files, in order to add them to the story as separate pages.

Fun text editor tailored for creative writers
Atomic Scribbler has a search function that can be extended to the current tree only or entire project, along with word counters for the current scene and entire project. You can create backups and export the project as a single document (DOCX, RTF, TXT, ODT, DOC), as well as use standard word processing tools, like text alignment, font type and style, tables, inline pictures, hyperlinks, and page color.

Extensive help documentation is available online. Atomic Scribbler ran smoothly in our tests. It's incredibly easy and fun to use, ideal for creative writers looking for something made just for them. We're looking forward to new features.

Whats New:
Drag and drop to move tabs around
Current tab is highlighted with blue text
Shortcut keys to navigate quickly between open tabs (Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab)
New right click menu to close tabs in bulk
Single click open for scenes and notes (option on Settings dialog)
Word count dialog expanded to show character count as well
New links on the Help toolbar to Knowledge Base articles
Super and subscript buttons removed from the word processor toolbar
Previously open Research tree scenes and notes remembered when opening a project
Various bug fixes as reported by users

uploadgig_com: http://uploadgig.com/file/download/77c2415673399db8/10lxh.Atomic.Scribbler.2.30.rar nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/71616F8427C88FC/10lxh.Atomic.Scribbler.2.30.rar
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