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Default MAGIX Vegas Pro 15.0.311 Repack By elchupakabra!

Russian / English registered version from elchupakabra! | File Size : 147.02 MB

Professional program Sony Vegas Pro is designed for editing, editing and multitrack recording of video and audio streams. The program has in its arsenal tools that allow real-time processing and editing of HDV, SD / HD-SDI, DV, AVCHD and XDCAM ™ formats, fine-tune audio, create audio with surround sound and dual-layer DVDs. To save a record in high quality, you can burn Blu-ray discs directly from the timeline. It will not be difficult for you to create a standard DVD with complex videos, multilingual menus, subtitles and comments.

Support 4K. Vegas Pro 13 fully supports frame sizes up to 4096x4096. The 4K standard for digital cinema projection is 4096x260 pixels. This resolution level gives more details and flexibility for pancroping. It is ideal for compositing and work on video effects, and provides a high-quality final result. Vegas Pro 13 also fully supports RED ONE ™ files. You can open and edit .r3d files directly on the timeline, as with any other video file.
Exquisite lighting effects. Vegas Pro 13 includes more than 190 customizable video effects, including a new collection of modern lighting effects. New in version 9 - Glitter, Rays, Rassfocus, Star dust, Soft contrast, and Pouring. They allow you to simulate the impact of light because of your source, create color highlights, change the focus of your frame, and that's not all.
New transition - Gradient Wipe
Video processing 32-bit floating point. Operate in 8-bit mode at speed, and then go to 32-bit floating point for extra precision during the final rendering without any changes in levels or contrast. This mode allows you to take advantage of improved color gamut, brighter colors, reduced gradient ranges and posterization for smoother color transition, linearity of light for optically correct compositions, and many other improvements in accuracy.

Working space:
More dark color palette. The Vegas Pro 13 interface is enriched with a new color scheme that provides an optically neutral environment for optimized color viewing and increased comfort when working in a darkened editing studio.
New layouts by default. Vegas Pro 13 gives you the ability to have multiple default locations for windows distributed for various installation tasks. These placements can be modified and saved for a truly personalized workspace created for your work style.
New in version 13 - placement for audio mixing and color correction.

Capture, import, export:
Support for gigapixel images. With Vegas Pro 13 you can pan, scan, crop extremely large images to create a movie sequence that matches the resolution of HD. Vegas Pro 13 also supports snapshots of video from professional-level camcorders and still cameras that connect multiple photos together to create one large image.
Open and edit RED ONE ™ files on the timeline
Vegas Pro 13 has advanced support for 4K spaces, including support for RED ONE ™ files.
Capture in MXF with SD / HD-SDI devices

Now you can place and edit audio tracks without snapping to frames.
Multichannel audio can be added from the Trimmer.

The list of the main features of the Pro version:
Includes DVD Architect version 5.0, not 4.5
Build and burn Blu-ray discs from the program DVD Architect (actually, the ability to record Blu-ray and distinguishes DVD Architect version 5.0 from earlier)
Creating surround sound 5.1 (in younger versions - only stereo)
Ability to save and restore the location of windows of the interface
Ability to include a custom color palette interface
Watching video on an external monitor via DVI (digital video card output), and not only through a DV camera connected to a DV interface (IEEE1394)
Number of video tracks: unlimited (in younger versions - up to 4)
Video effects and transitions: a complete set (in younger versions not all)
Tools for color correction: a full set (in younger versions only primary color correction)
Professional lighting effects
Measuring tools for video: WFM / Vector / Parade / Histogram
The ProType Titler effect for creating complex titles (in younger versions only a more simple module for creating text)
Support for XDCAM format
Tool for working with AVCHD cameras and XDCAM EX Device Explorer
Processing video with accuracy of 32 bits with a floating point
Support for SD / HD-SDI interfaces
Gradient wipe
Support for gigapixel images
Support for projects with a resolution of 4K (up to 4096x4096 pixels)
Broadcast Wave sound format support
Support for the Gracenote CDDB database
Maximum sound quality: 24 bit / 192 kHz (16 bit / 48 kHz in younger versions)
Number of audio tracks: no restrictions (in younger versions - up to 4)
Number of sound processing effects: a complete set, including ambient 5.1
Support for folders with sets of effects
Support for DirectX® effects: complete (including automation of parameter changes)
Envelopes of sound: volume / panorama (there are also in younger versions) and effects parameters (this in younger versions is not present)
Replacement sound recording
Monitoring the recording of the audio input
Effects of processing the entire project and sound buses (groups of tracks)
Creating and writing a Red Book Audio CD
Recording of envelope automation (changes in processing parameters)
Keyboard "trimming" clips
Project inheritance (the ability to open other projects in the project)
Import / export format AAF
Material management system (media manager)
Support for the execution of scripts
Support for external control consoles
Support for AJA Xena LH, LHe, LS and LSe cards (Digital only)
Customizable custom templates
Capture to Compressed Sony MXF format via SD / HD-SDI interfaces
Support for OpenEXR and DPX
Support for RED ONE ™ files (.r3d)

Changes in version 15.0:
VEGAS Pro Edit
Hardware acceleration from modern graphics cards and Intel QSV
Selectively paste event attributes
ACES 1.0 support
Picture-in-Picture OFX plug-in
Crop OFX plug-in
LUT OFX plug-in
User definable visible button sets
Redesigned track headers and timeline clip events
Instant freeze frame
Selectable background shade
Color-strength-adjustable icon artwork
Logical, modern docking window controls
VEGAS Pro (in addition to VEGAS Pro Edit)
NewBlueFX Filters 5 Ultimate
HitFilm Movie Essentials
VEGAS Pro Suite (in addition to VEGAS Pro)
Boris FX Sapphire Render Unit
NewBlueFX Titler Pro 5

Features of repacking:
Does not require registration (patch Team.VR)
Added Dolby AC3 Pro plugin and Unlock GPU acceleration (from the patch Team.VR)
Removed other files not related to Russian or English localization
The program guide has been removed
The program will be installed with the Russian interface, but an additional AutoIt script is added to switch to the English interface (available from the Start menu)
Installing the program in automatic "silent" mode
The ability to import settings from settings.reg (if located next to the installer)

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit

uploadgig_com: http://uploadgig.com/file/download/cd761b8D85b30EF0/ssuaw.MAGIX.Vegas.Pro.15.0.311.Repack.By.elchupakabra.rar nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/4923799D4FD40A0/ssuaw.MAGIX.Vegas.Pro.15.0.311.Repack.By.elchupakabra.rar
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