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Default MAGIX - VEGAS Movie Studio + Platinum. x64

MAGIX - VEGAS Movie Studio + Platinum. x64 | 717 MB

RAM: 4 GB (ideally 8 GB, 16 GB recommended for 4K material)
USB 2.0 connector (for importing from AVCHD, XDCAM EX, NXCAM or DVD cameras)
512 MB of memory on a graphics card
Supported graphics processors: NVIDIA, AMD and Intel
Sound Windows-compatible card
Support for DVD-ROM drive (for DVD installation only)
Supported single-write CD drive (only for CD burning)
Supported DVD-R / -RW / + R / + RW drive (only for DVD recording )
Supported BD-R / -RE drive (exclusively for burning Blu-ray discs)
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 SP1 (available on the software CD)
Description: Why not make your memories remain with you and your family forever in the form of professionally designed videos and digital photos. VEGAS Movie Studio will make it possible to turn video clips and photos into something special, which I would like to share with the whole world.
Fast, easy-to-use software functions, fully customizable user interface, a huge selection of effects and transitions, import and export in advanced standards and much more will allow you to enter a new quality level.

VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum 15
Work in conditions worthy of real professionals : VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum will allow everyone to go beyond the limits of everyday life due to a variety of opportunities when working on creative projects. Full support of not only the HD standard, but also 4K will allow your composited effects and text elements to look more clearly and clearly than ever.
A well-thought-out layout and competent arrangement of the elements make it possible to work as efficiently as possible. Quick start allows you to get started right away, without intermediate steps.
200 music tracks and 200 available videos will allow you to show yourself at any moment. New tracks provide additional possibilities, significantly expanding the horizon achievable, especially in combination with such effects as "Picture in Picture" and others.
Multichannel editing : VEGAS Movie Studio allows you to get the widest access to the best features. A simple mouse will be enough to compile the material at different angles in real time, getting the output video ready. Just click on the preview window, selecting the desired fragment directly during playback. The blue indicator allows you to determine the angle of the camera.
Regulator window Trimmer: The Trimmer window allows you to quickly find the desired frames in a video using just one computer mouse. Previewing makes it possible to identify those places in the video sequence that are ideal for placing new multimedia elements, or to pick the right moment from which you can start or which you can finish the video. After you make your choice, it will be enough just to drag with the mouse the right moment on the timeline.
Adjusting the color gamut : Primary color correction will allow you to select the desired fragments, changing the shades of color in the widest range. The filter for color correction is easy to use thanks to a thoughtful interface with three settings: color gamut, saturation and additional adjustment.
Secondary color correction allows you to work with any single color, without affecting the rest. Additional filters for color processing make it possible to make the videos so that they would be pleasant to watch.
"Lubricated" video? No problem : Go! Mount the camera on a bicycle, boat, sleigh or surfboard and never miss out on the fun. But at the same time why settle for a poor-quality picture? Extended image stabilization based on ProDAD Mercalli V2 technology makes it impossible to do it, often saving even hopelessly corrupted videos.
NEW! OFX plugins: Picture-in-picture effect and the use of OFX-modules in real time with the possibility of instant preview of the results. Animation with the help of key frames. New plug-ins that significantly expand the range of capabilities.
NEW! Fast work, fast rendering : Support for the latest NVIDIA and Intel QSV (Quick Sync Video) graphics cards allows you to ensure that playback of the material is no longer accompanied by jumps and delays, and significantly reduces the time required for redonding.
Creating your own music: The MAGIX Music Maker product was designed with the need to work fast, but at the same time achieving the highest results, and therefore contains all the functionality that professional musicians would like to see. Intensify for your listeners the pleasure factor due to the competent selection of musical inspiration. Use both existing loops, and your own vocals and / or playing musical instruments, bringing it all to the ideal thanks to professional effects and mastering functions.
Record copyright DVD or Blu-ray disc in high resolution: Create projects on DVD or Blu-ray discs, including their own menus, navigation elements, surround sound and text inserts of professional Hollywood level. Ability to choose from more than 100 templates in high resolution. The ability to split the material into scenes / chapters with the appropriate markers. Using titles and so-called. parental control. The ability to perform a full preview of all the video and ancillary elements before burning to disk. Their own high-quality DVD or Blu-ray disc will be an ideal gift to friends and relatives.

VEGAS Movie Studio 15
Import : Import video and / or digital photos from your smartphone, tablet PC or AVCHD camcorder.
Editing : The ability to drag and drop the desired material (video or photos) on a temporary line will allow to work very quickly.
Refinement : Tell your stories not just so, but with captions, videos, effects, music and transitions.
Starting with standard formats and ending with Ultra High-Def 4K: Import, edit and export in standard resolution, High Definition or even Ultra High Definition. Vegas Movie Studio allows you to work with material intuitively. No re-editing or re-rendering. Full support for the 4K standard will allow your composited effects and text elements to look as clearly and clearly as ever.
Selective processing of individual sections : Vegas Movie Studio allows you to work with accuracy to the frame, processing the individual parts without affecting the rest of the material. Six different software processing tools allow you to precisely achieve exactly those results that were originally conceived.
Numerous special effects will help to achieve more: Unusual special effects and filters will create videos that are qualitatively different from most analogues. Developments created and designed by professionals will allow you to work quickly and efficiently. All effects are applied "antidestructively", i.e. the main material is not affected and at any time can be restored in its original form.
Creating titles and text blocks : Many plug-ins will help you get full access to text and title animations. Creation of animated titles that move, "bounce" and shift. The generator of titles and text allows you to make sure that your projects are no different from the Hollywood standard.
Create your own music: Numerous sound effects and filters will allow you to make sure that the sound track in your videos matches the high quality of the video itself.
The included software product Music Maker will allow you to create your own quality audio for your video. Music Maker allows both beginners and experienced users to achieve the desired results, without stopping by the reached.
Surprise and amaze : The ability to import materials from a large number of different devices. Choose the ideal format depending on the specific conditions. Download to Vimeo, Facebook or Youtube directly from the program. It will be enough for you to simply make a decision, VEGAS Movie Studio will automatically perform the rest.
Devices : Import from a smartphone, tablet PC or AVCHD camcorder.
Standard or HD format : Supports the following formats: AVC / AAC, AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, etc.
Online : Download your masterpieces on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube directly from the VEGAS Pro timeline.
TV : View as HD via USB, DVD or Blu-ray.
Hardware acceleration : Support for the latest NVIDIA and Intel QSV (Quick Sync Video) graphics cards allows you to ensure that playback of the material is no longer accompanied by jumps and delays, and significantly reduces the time required for redonding.
How to do it?: Lessons "How to do this?" Will allow you to learn everything that is necessary. You can step by step to learn how to correctly import files into a project, edit and modify the material at a professional level, add titles and music, and export it all at the final stage. Interactive lessons "How to do this?" Will help you quickly learn how to work competently.

Install. Copy with replacement files in the distribution of MagixOFA_u_x64.dll (folder Fix \ Online), Protein_x64.3.16.dll (folder Fix \ Protein) and MovieStudioHD150.exe \ MovieStudioPlatinum150.exe to the appropriate folder on your hard drive.

uploadgig_com: https://uploadgig.com/file/download/0d266ca36638bc2A/7we5c.MAGIX..VEGAS.Movie.Studio. https://uploadgig.com/file/download/8867f7fe2e6265f2/7we5c.MAGIX..VEGAS.Movie.Studio. nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/86EE64ADEB1AF73/7we5c.MAGIX..VEGAS.Movie.Studio. http://nitroflare.com/view/955EC484178372D/7we5c.MAGIX..VEGAS.Movie.Studio.
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