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Default Umlaut Audio Virga KONTAKT WAV[

Umlaut Audio Virga KONTAKT WAV

Umlaut Audio Virga KONTAKT WAV | 2.04 Gb

Virga is an observable streak of precipitation falling from a cloud that evaporates or sublimates before reaching the ground; categorized in Cirrus (higher and thinner), Nimbus, (dense but not too low) and Stratus (thick and low) this package will give you the ultimate freedom to compose and layer atmospheric textures.
* soundpack and kontakt instrument "for those who care about playability"
* individual atmospheric textures grouped in distinct tone and key
* categorized in cirrus (higher and thinner), nimbus, (dense but not too low) and stratus (thick and low).
* ability to cut up, re-order and layer elements
* mix and match
* drag and drop to your daw




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