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Default Siemens Mastertrim 14.1.1 Multilingual

Siemens Mastertrim 14.1.1 Multilingual

File size: 1.1 GB | Siemens Mastertrim 14.1.1 Multilingual

Mastertrim It is increasingly important for potential customers to be satisfied with vehicle interior features, placing new pressure on auto makers to reduce time-to-market. In order to differentiate between models in shorter cycle times, engineers must deliver more and better designs faster.

Mastertrim provides seat trim engineers with the tools needed to:
Become less reliant on physical prototypes
Achieve efficiency and accuracy during design, validation, and manufacturing development processes
Better streamline collaboration and communication between styling, design, and manufacturing, as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the supply chain

NX 8.0.3 MP8+ 32/64-bit
NX 8.5.3 MP2+ 32/64-bit
NX 9.0.1+
NX 10.0.1+
NX 11.0.0+

CATIA V5R19 32/64-bit (to use CATIA V5R19 on Win7 the minimum requirement is SP6)
CATIA V5R20 32/64-bit (to use CATIA V5R20 on Win7 the minimum requirement is SP2)
CATIA V5R21 32/64-bit
CATIA V5R22 32/64-bit
CATIA V5R23 64-bit only
CATIA V5R24 64-bit only
CATIA V5R25 64-bit only
CATIA V5R26 64-bit onlyWhats new:Read: "Mastertrim_14.1.1_Release_Notes.pdf"Homepage




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