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Default The Foundry Mari.4.1v2

The Foundry Mari 4.1v2 | 526.6 mb
Foundry has released Mari 4.1, the latest version of its texture painting software, updating its handling of colour spaces and selection groups.

- Improved, more WYSIWYG colour workflow
Most of the new features in Mari 4.1 affect the way that the software handles colour, with the intention of making workflow truly WYSIWYG. Colour picking now uses a single OpenColorIO (OCIO) colour space, preventing issues where a colour picked in one channel appeared perceptually different in another channel that used a different colour space. There is also a new scalar monitor colour space in the View Transform, meaning that scalar channels appear in the viewport as linear ramps, while preserving all of the original source data. It is also now possible to use gain and gamma controls when viewing scalar data. In addition, procedurals now have explicit colour or scalar contexts, removing issues when picking colours in another channel to the one to which they are assigned. The update also introduces new OCIO role names which Mari uses when configuring a project's colour space defaults, making it possible to share a common OCIO config file across a team. There is also a new OCIO Colorspace filter, which convers paint target and buffer colours to another colour space within the currently loaded config without affecting channel settings. Finally, the GPU-accelerated colour space management system introduced in Mari 3.3 has been extended to support procedurals as well as paint data.
- Define selection groups once and have them persist through asset updates
Handling of selection groups has also been updated: Mari now automatically matches a new version of an object to existing selection groups, providing that its topology has not been changed. The change means that selection groups need not be redefined when updating a model or its UVs.
- More updates to the user interface
Finally, the work done on streamlining the user interface in Mari 4.0 continues. The Colorspace toolbar has been decluttered and renamed the View Transform toolbar, and now includes a visual indicator as to whether you are viewing colour or scalar data. The Channels palette also displays whether a channel contains colour or scalar data, and its bit depth. Play controls are now a toolbar, meaning that they can be found via the right-click menu of any other toolbar.

Mari 4.1v2 Release Notes - Release Date 19 July 2018:

These release notes describe changes from Mari 4.1v1 to 4.1v2. For an overview of all changes in the Mari 4.1v2 line, please see the accompanying

About The Foundry MARI. With the artist-friendly 3D paint tools you need to make the most of your creativity, together with the power and performance to handle even the most complex assets, Foundry's Mari is the clear choice for today's challenging VFX, animation and games productions.

Able to handle millions of polygons and multiple high-resolution textures without slowing down, Mari takes care of the technical issues so you can focus your energy on using the intuitive brushes and powerful layering system to build up detail where it matters most.

Featuring a real-time interactive environment that directly supports Arnold, V-Ray, Redshift and Unreal shaders, plus a fully integrated workflow with Modo for rendering and baking, Mari gives you the confidence that your textures will look the way you intended in the end result. And as you would expect from Foundry, Mari offers all the avenues for customization you need to make it a perfect fit in your pipeline.

About The Foundry. The Foundry is a leading global developer of creative software used to deliver high-end visual effects and 3D content for the design, visualization and entertainment industries. The portfolio empowers artists to create inspiring and technical images and visual experiences in media production (film, commercials, episodic television, gaming, and virtual and augmented reality), and product and industrial design.

The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in London, with offices in Silicon Valley, Manchester, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Dublin and Austin. In November 2015 Alex Mahon was appointed as CEO while Bill Collis became president.

Product: The Foundry MARI
Version: 4.1v2
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 or newer
Size: 526.6 mb

Download link:
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