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Default Chief Architect Interiors X10.

Chief Architect Interiors X10 | 243.0 mb
Chief Architect has launched Chief Architect Interiors X10 (version, a complex interior designing tool with support for CAD formats, multiple views, cost estimation and several other complementary features.

Program Overview
* When the program window is minimized and then maximized, the last active tool and window are still in focus rather than the Library Browser.
File Management
* Fixed a problem that prevented template plans from loading if located in a OneDrive synced folder where the "Files On‐Demand" feature was turned on.
Toolbars and Hotkeys
* When toolbars are migrated, any instances of the Layer Display Options button in Materials List only toolbars will now be converted to the Material List Display Options button.
CAD Objects
* When creating a CAD Detail, any new layers created will be turned on by default.
Walls, Railings, and Fencing
* Fixed a problem that caused the tops of foundation walls to generate incorrectly in a specific case.
* Fixed an issue that resulted in unnecessary wall connection warnings after a Wall Type was edited.
* Fixed a case in which an automatic Attic wall was longer than it should have been.
* Fixed a problem that caused an Attic wall in a specific plan to disappear when the Material Painter was used to edit it.
* Corrected a problem that resulted in a segment of wall material inside a glass shower door in a Pony Wall where the lower wall forms a curb.
* Fixed an issue that prevented a new Wall Cap from being added after the default one was removed.
* Addressed an SEH error that could occur when adding a Wall Cap to a Half Wall that had modified defaults.
* Fixed an issue in which a Wall Cap did not extend underneath a door when it should have.
* Fixed a problem that caused a wall's angle to be incorrect if it was created using the Same Wall Type edit handle and the Enter Coordinates dialog.
* Fixed an issue that could prevent deck framing when walls were edited.
* Fixed a problem that caused a room's ceiling to not generate if an adjacent room had a Shelf Ceiling.
* Corrected a case where the Living Area label was not removed after Undo was used.
* Fixed a problem that caused Temporary Dimensions along walls to stop at perpendicu‐ lar walls.
* Auto Story pole dimensions no longer pick up walls that are not visible or clipped by the view
Doors and Windows
* Fixed an issue that caused platform edge lines on doorways in railings to be incorrectly affected by the door thickness.
* Fixed a crash that could occur using the Material Painter to modify a Custom Counter‐ top in a particular plan.
* Corrected a problem that prevented the wall types from being edited while the Build Foundation dialog was open.
* Corrected a case where Brick Ledge lines would be displayed through doors and door‐ ways.
* Fixed an SEH error that occurred in a particular plan when Auto Rebuild Roofs was on.
* Fixed some issues that caused extra breaks to be added to the edges of automatically generated roof planes.
* Fixed a problem that prevented wall plates from generating when the roof was generated using a positive Raise/Lower From Ceiling Height value.
* Fixed a case where the Join Roof Planes tool failed, resulting in unnecessary extra breaks along roof plane edges.
* Fixed a crash involving roof frieze that occurred when a specific plan was loaded.
* Fixed a problem that could result in a triangular hole on the inside of Auto Dormer side walls in 3D views.
* Fixed an issue that resulted in small holes in the ceiling above dormers with roof holes that had Square Sides specified.
* Fixed a problem that could occur if the Material Painter was used to modify surfaces associated with roofs while Auto Rebuild Roofs was on that could prevent some roof components from using dynamic material defaults.
* Fixed a specific case where a sill plate was extending too far when two floor platforms of different heights were adjacent to each other.
* Corrected a problem that resulted in a random half truss in the Truss Detail that could not be removed.
The Library
* Improved the speed of the Library Search.
* Fixed an issue where the Library Search sometimes failed to find items with the same name in different folders.
* Fixed an error that could occur when accessing certain window libraries and other objects in the Library Browser while a Materials List was the active view.
* Fixed a problem that prevented some images from working correctly as roughness maps.
3D Views
* Fixed an issue that caused the default camera height to be incorrect if a sloping terrain was present.
* Improved the speed of rebuilding 3D in a specific plan.
3D Rendering
* Corrected a case where Ray Casted Shadows were seen through an image when they should not have been.
* Fixed an issue where parts of Bay/Box/Bow Windows were sometimes not illuminated correctly in the Physically Based Rendering Technique.
* Fixed an issue in which turning on the Improve Lighting Quality option in a Physically Based 3D view could cause the lighting to be incorrect in subsequent views.
Importing and Exporting
* Corrected a problem that caused Rich Text to jump during a DWG export.
Materials Lists
* Fixed an issue that prevented the casing assigned to openings from being calculated in the Materials List if the opening was in a wall with No Room Definition specified.
* Fixed a problem that prevented the descriptions for some symbols from being used in the Materials List.
* Fixed an assertion error that occurred when switching a layout view from Live View to Description Lines.
* Unused 3D data is now purged when a layout file is saved, potentially reducing the file size.
* If the Drawing Sheet in a legacy plan was rotated, its orientation is now corrected when opened in version X10.

About Chief Architect Interiors. Chief Architect Interiors is a software application focused on providing professional designers with a multi-tabbed environment, packed with adequate tools and necessary features. It is developed to reach to a particular segment of artists, namely interior designers.

A specialized software that focuses on home planning
The application is your typical CAD tool, with hardware and software requirements that exceed reasonable expectations. Your computer should have a multi-core processor, above average memory and space, as well as a dedicated graphical processing unit with support for Open GL.

Like most architectural software out there, you will be visually challenged by the amount of menus, features, buttons, and options set on the main window. Unlike its bigger brother, Chief Architecture Premier X8, which is a more comprehensive software, this application offers the necessary tools to plan floors, space, and handle interior design and decorating.

Create 2D or 3D projects and bring ideas to life
You can employ this software to design detailed modeling of kitchens, baths, rooms, or house plans. It provides options for remodeling of walls and structures, yet it is not nearly as powerful as the Premier version.

Alongside simple 2D plans, you can create 3D visualizations of your drafts. You can edit materials, add colors and texture or import images from websites to customize all kinds of elements, from furniture to fixtures.

Despite the obvious differences from Chief Architecture Premier X8, there are useful features that crossed to this application. The cost estimation tool is present, as well as the downloadable 3D library which adds a significant amount of drawing templates and visual elements.

A less impressive architectural application
All in all, Chief Architect Interiors is just as complex and demanding as its bigger brother. However, its functionality has been restricted to a particular area of activity, although the price has not been lowered to provide the same value for money. It is an excellent software that offers plenty of tools and features.

About Chief Architect Software. Chief Architect Software is a leading developer and publisher of 3D Architectural home design software for builders, designers, architects and home DIY enthusiasts. For professionals, we publish the Chief Architect software product line; the most popular product for residential home design. And, for the consumer DIY home design market, we publish the top-selling and best-rated Home Designer® product line. With these compatible product lines, professionals and consumers can share ideas with ease. The Company contributes a large portion of its profits to the Opportunity Foundation.

Product: Chief Architect Interiors X10
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 243.0 mb

Download link:
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