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Default Siemens PLM NX 12.0.2 (NX 12.0 MR2) MP02 Update

Siemens PLM NX 12.0.2 (NX 12.0 MR2) MP02 Update

Siemens PLM NX 12.0.2 (NX 12.0 MR2) MP02 Update
OS: Windows 64bit | Language: Multianguage | Size: 784 MB

July 2018 - Dear Customer: NX 12.0.2 brings significant new functionality to all areas of the product, and we believe the new and enhanced functions will help you work more productively. With this release, we continue to provide innovative ways to deliver solutions that meet the next generation of your product design, development, and manufacturing challenges. NX 12.0.2 is robust and powerful, and it delivers advanced technologies for product design, development, and manufacturing in a single, multidisciplinary platform.

This release introduces new assembly load options that can significantly reduce load time on massive datasets. It continues to deliver best-in-class customer deployment readiness, and builds on the productivity and stability achievements of the previous release.

We are confident that NX 12.0.2 transforms the way products come to life, and it will empower you to achieve your next generation of innovation.

Maintenance Pack 02 for NX NX 12.0.2 (NX 12.0 MR2):
7264978 Failed to change a direction angle of the dimension.
8337968 Match Face with Distance = 0 divides the target Face
8337976 Match Face with Distance = 0 creates wrong geometry in follow up flange
8337986 Match Face possible to create in NX 11 but not in NX 12
8354819 Angular measure between 2 faces - value and display are not correct
8358028 Replicated and redundant exploded views with same name in several drawings
8374007 Cannot deny Postconfigurator basic license to users with the opt file
8380733 Wave-Geometry-Linker Face Option Face Chain does not work with Tangent Faces
8381728 Box Selection is not possible in Wave Geometry Linker
8382872 NX session freezes when opening part file
8382893 WAVE GEOMETRY LINKER leads to unwanted deselection of selected faces
8382966 OPC server NX-MCD unknown error connecting KEPserver AB-plc.
8382981 File Open takes more than 10 minutes
8383014 WAVE Geometry Linker: Selection Error
8383352 Selection body at Curve Intersection takes longer and longer
8383654 Poor Performance when measure distance between two single faces of EXTRACT_FACES
8383722 Part could not be saved
8383815 Select Intent Single Faces for single faces of Extract_Face poor performance
8385793 Active workspace panel does not show check-out information
8386514 spline control disappears when deforming
8539087 The dialog of Edit angular dimension is wrong.
8886850 Unable to load the subordinate DEs with JT MultiCAD
9025853 Wrong result after Exporting and reimporting geometry using Step242
9043775 There is a problem about name of the new part created by [Export Part]
9046888 unable to open Solid Works 2017 assembly in NX 12
9050305 drilling operation with use 3D IPW does not start at the very top of the IPW
9051575 Display of the Removed Volume is not honoring use 3D setting for IPW
9090185 Maximum RPM for turning ops, which worked in, is not used in
9104126 NXMGR: Import Assembly to TC will not import to second ItemType
9104447 MultiCAD Reuse DE Modified on Initial load
9110883 Not creating marking line on profile
9112448 Need different symbols for Sniped Angled and Sniped Square
9112670 Flip Tool Around Holder and tool cuts outside cut regions
9117468 CMM: PMI orientation and tolerance vector do not match.
9119833 PMI not started in 2nd NX session but invalid license checkout swaps the bundles
9122156 extraction path includes extra motion at the end
9123239 Save fails after running journal as Pre Action, and having used Manufacturing
9127539 Unable to display custom attribute value in result of Advanced Search of NX.
9127619 Support manufacturing information symbols in detail design section drawing
9129439 Close and Reopen Selected Parts
9130313 Expression value causes DXF export to fail
9133692 Finish Turning Operation Ignores locally Defined Axial Trim Plane in Cut Region
9134583 unable to sort/search feature list in the dialog box
9141721 The value of Name property is not reflected in the part export function
9151161 AM: wrongly getting message that no support is needed
9154688 Collar plates failures with Hull stiffeners
9154756 Save as of drawing with altrep - failed to find dataset of altrep
9157158 Problem with export DXF files while using setting file DXF/DWG
9160262 LOP_B3.52: Destroy IPW Resolution
9169228 Cutting Side of Shell plates is not according to cutting side rule
9178854 Assembly Sequence - Extraction Path with rotation causes drift at end of motion.
9178954 UGALTREP created by Save As cannot be loaded.
9179571 NX Save-as error: The attribute array element index is invalid
9179861 CAM Turning Operations with Suppressed Geometry fail to generate using NXOpen
9180497 Marking Line Same Profiles Disappear after Update marking lines
9181749 Attributes templates does not keep the unit of attribute in NX 12.0.1
9183450 Resolution after doing Enhanced IPW did not show consistent look
9188134 GRIP EDAs &NATTR and &ATTALL return DATE part attribute as STRING type
9190459 Post processing fails in managed mode if CAM part uses specification relation
9190696 Incorrect duplication of Tool-Id callouts in 2D FlatPattern views
9192627 Electrode Design BOM resets Blank REF_Z after moving EW_BLANK_PT
9193480 SB Flange: Edit Parameters gives an error
9194731 Synchronization Manager - Simulation slow and not smooth
9195378 Tool / Tool holder display disappears until restart NX session
9195811 TCAllowedChildTypes_ preventing creation of drawing using template
9196132 Make default selection intent for Bracket attachment limits as solid body
9196370 NX fails to read asserted mass values from JT
9197159 Selecting Spline Path raises an Internal Error.
9197231 Need a way to check thickness direction in basic design
9198081 Move object fails on double click-edit
9200870 NX - Extremely slow dialog performance editing features
9200922 Creating a nodal force report, trying to create a CSYS, unable to select nodes
9202224 An internal error message is raised during pocket operation.
9203428 Excess Material does not work in assembly context of PlatePreparation
9203567 after updating a NX 10 drawing in NX 12 dimensions lose reference
9203980 calling NXOpenPvtransManagerCreateJtCreator() method NX session freezes
9205771 Extraction path takes longer distance for play forward.
9205987 Expand tree (+) sign not displayed in NX Line Designer integrated with TC
9206922 Plate preparation nonplanar plate fails to mesh and honor metaform expressions
9208743 Scallop behavior has been changed for Surface Area Drive Method
9210180 NXMGR: Export Part will not create a CORP_CRITERIA Item
9212744 Edit Parting and Patch Surface throws IE with MW_PartingCoreSurfLayer 255
9214259 An error occurs by coding API or not
9214834 Spline Path cannot be edited for Deformable Part in 12.0.2.
9216010 Issues NX Electrode Design writing out attributes properly
9216387 NX CAM GMC Operation: Sub ops Label screwed up
9216858 Unable to modify a MOVE OBJECT feature
9217025 Workpiece - blank as facet body to specify problem
9218606 PR: Facet Body is not usable inside Geometry Selection
9221569 selection of Facet Body does not work anymore (Geometry Selection)
9222474 NX is going to hung state
9225336 NX CAM Update Problem: blank with facet body
9228757 Unable to open SolidWorks Assembly (*.sldasm) -PLMXML document contains no part
9230791 Internal errors reported exiting out of NX after adding a Sensor
9234213 Cannot select a Faceted Body as Blank Geometry in a Workpiece
9236494 Unable to select a facet body for part and blank geometry
9237450 Cannot select a Faceted Body as Blank Geometry in a Workpiece

Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise editions
Software Prerequisites: Siemens PLM NX 12.0.2





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