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Default Apple macOS Mojave 10.14.2

Apple macOS Mojave 10.14.2

Apple macOS Mojave 10.14.2 | 5.6 GB

Apple has released macOS Mojave 10.14, in which work with files and applications has been improved, a dark theme has appeared, dynamic wallpapers (they change color during the day), three new applications and user data protection has been improved. macOS Mojave (Mojave) got its name in honor of the eponymous desert in the southwestern United States.

The main innovations in macOS High Sierra:
- Dark theme. When you first turn on macOS Mojave prompts the user to choose the type of design - standard or dark. The second option will help you work more comfortably at night and be less distracted due to the fact that the environment of the active application is less conspicuous. The new design is supported throughout the system, in standard applications, Xcode, as well as third-party developers have the opportunity to add support for a dark theme. This will be most relevant in programs for working with photos, graphics, video and text.
- Updated Mac App Store. The Mac App Store has received significant redesign and new features, becoming like a new store in a mobile operating system. Now on the first screen appeared articles about applications, collections, recommendations, thematically sections. The interface itself has become more convenient to use and modern.
- New system applications. Three new applications have been added to macOS Mojave that were previously available only on iPhone and iPad: Voice Recorder for creating voice notes, Shares with business news and Home for managing smart home system gadgets, including using Siri.
- Improved Dock. In the Dock panel between applications for quick quick access and folders, a section with the three most recently used applications appeared. The logic of this function resembles the updated Dock panel in iOS 11 for iPad and provides even more convenient work with programs and switching between them. For example, if you use many applications a lot during the day, but do not want to pin them in the panel.
- Desktop Stacks. The system has a new tool to restore order among the files and shortcuts on the desktop. Desktop Stacks combines scattered files into piles, by date, time, and file type. Clicking on a stack reveals its contents directly on the desktop, and a second click collects the icons back. Not much different from folders, but it works faster due to the fact that stacks are formed automatically.
- New tools for screenshots. In macOS Mojave, a new screenshot editor, resembling a mobile operating system. Now, when creating screenshots in the lower right corner, a small thumbnail appears, clicking on which allows you to go on to editing the resulting image. And if nothing is done - after a few seconds a screenshot, as before, will appear on the desktop. In addition, the combination Command + Shift + 5 now opens the toolbar, for example, for a pending screen shot or screencast recording.
- "Gallery" in Finder. In the Finder appeared the mode of viewing "Gallery" with large file previews. The new feature is useful to those who work a lot with images, because it allows you to get a fairly large preview, for example, when you need to select one file from several similar ones. In addition, all metadata is now available in the sidebar, and tools have appeared for quick actions, such as flipping images or adding watermarks to PDF.
- "Quick View." "Quick View", which opens by pressing the spacebar, now allows you not only to view but also quickly edit documents without launching applications. For example, you can immediately sign the newly downloaded PDF file, crop the video or crop the photo.

Other changes:
- Added a tool to control the access of various applications to user data;
- Improved privacy settings;
- Safari has a built-in ad blocker and items that are used on sites to track user actions;
- New feature Continuity Camera allows you to run the camera on the iPhone to take pictures and add a snapshot to the document that you work on your Mac;
- In the standard mail client, a button for quick access to emoji appeared;
- In the settings of Safari, you can enable the display of site icons on tabs;
- Safari automatically offers to generate and save complex passwords;
- Later, a feature with up to 32 users will be added to Facetime.

System requirements:
- 64-bit Intel processor
- Minimum 4 GB of memory
- 8 GB of free disk space
- To use certain features Apple ID is required; compliance is required.
- To use certain functions, a compatible internet provider is required;
- To use Continuity features (Handoff and AirDrop), compatible Bluetooth LE (4.0) is required

Supported Models:
- MacBook (early 2015 and newer)
- iMac (end of 2012 and newer)
- MacBook Air (mid 2012 and newer)
- MacBook Pro (mid 2012 and newer)
- Mac Mini (end of 2012 and newer)
- Mac Pro (mid 2010 and newer)
- iMac Pro (2017)





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