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Default IDERA DB PowerStudio DBA Edition 17.0.3 2019 l x86,x64

IDERA DB PowerStudio DBA Edition 17.0.3 2019 l x86,x64

IDERA DB PowerStudio DBA Edition 17.0.3 2019 l x86,x64 | Language:English | File Size: 2.53 GB

PowerStudio DB combines four innovative solutions that help you create and maintain critical database applications and streamline the change management process. data, and quickly identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks. Add. Information: DBArtisan Perform multi-platform database administration. Management of multiple platforms (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase) from a single interface Proactively managing space, data and performance using embedded analytics

Easily find and fix performance problems using intelligent diagnostics.
Easily move schema data and tables across platforms.
Protect data security by viewing, granting, and revoking permissions. DB Change Manager Automate and manage complex database schema changes Quickly deploy and reconcile database changes Identify, track and report database changes Comply with audit and database requirements Protect data privacy in a database environment Track changes from several major DB database platforms Optimizer Automation of SQL tuning and profiling -Optimize SQL code tuning on major DBMSs from a single interface.
-Set up SQL as a professional with suggestions for auto-optimizing performance.
-Solve complex SQL queries using SQL tuning diagrams.
-Identify SQL problem with time-out database profiling
-Loading test alternative SQL queries in a simulated production Rapid environment SQL Develop SQL code -more efficiently Generate high-performance SQL code on major DBMSs from a single interface Easily -create complex statements SQL using visual query builder Quickly build, analyze and execute SQL code using code analytics

Simplify debugging of SQL code, functions, and stored procedures
Effectively collaborate between development teams with DB version control PowerStudio DBA Edition includes all four of the products listed above.

IDERA DB PowerStudio DBA Edition 17.0.3
Year / Release Date:2019
Version:17.0.3 Build:Multiple
Build Developer:IDERA Technologies
Interface language:English

Application list:
IDERA DB Change Manager 17.0.3
IDERA DBArtisan 17.0.3
IDERA DB Optimizer 17.0.3
IDERA RapidSQL 17.0.3

System requirements:
OS: Windows 10,Windows 8.1,Windows 8,Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
CPU:1 GHz or faster processor
Memory:3 GB RAM
Space:1 GB free disk space
Monitorisplay 1024 x 768 Supported

How to patch?

!!! When using keypatch or extract, it is better to disable Anti-Virus !!!
Viruses, Trojans in Keypatch NO! The basic overview ofIDERA DB Power Studio includes the following productsB Change Manager All-Platform DB Optimizer All-Platform DB Artisan 32 & 64 bit Rapid SQL 32 & 64 bitHow to start? DownloadIDERA DB Power Studio. Extract from the archive the following products listed above. Start the installation process ...When the installation is complete, we launch the following products as an administrator once. On the input license of the product, click "Cancel" to exit. Now run

!!! Do not use other serial numbers from the Internet !!!
Click the" Start Here to Select Product " button .
Select the target product from the drop-down list.
Click" Generate "to get a new serial number.
Click" Patch "and" Save Slip "for each installed product. We launch the target product as an administrator for the first time. Enjoy !!!
Released Notes:
IDERA DB Change Manager 17.0.3
IDERA DBArtisan 17.0.3
IDERA DB Optimizer 17.0.3
IDERA RapidSQL 17.0.3







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