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Default Flow 8 Deck 3.0.2457.0

Flow 8 Deck 3.0.2457.0 | 72.2 Mb
Unlock your DJ mixing creativity. Jump on the decks. Mix 100 tracks per hour. Elevate your mixing above Serato, Traktor and Pioneer CDJs. Flow analyzes your music, and splits every track into 8 perfect loops. When you're playing, you will skip ahead to a great loop and play it right away.

Play a masterful DJ set.
Flow analyzes your music, and splits every track into 8 perfect loops. When you're playing, you will skip ahead to a great loop and play it right away. You can remix live by playing the exact part of the song that you love. Skip the boring parts. Play the most exciting drop. Sample the bits that sound really good to you. Even if you're playing the same music as DJs, you will perform a more unique and exciting DJ set every time. Top DJs can use Flow to play 100 tracks per hour, flowing between different genres and vibes. It's the most exciting way to play your favorite music.

Use the best Harmonic Mixing technology.
Flow was launched by the award-winning team that created Mixed In Key. Our software will analyze your music collection and find the most accurate Mixed In Key result for every track. Our #1 goal is to help you sound perfect in the DJ booth.

Create great playlists & play them well.
Flow helps you create playlists for different vibes and moods. You can quickly segment your huge music collection into "Chillout", "Opening DJ Set", "Mid-Set", "Bangers" and other playlists based on the energy level of each track. Flow ranks every track on a scale of 1 to 10 to show you how energetic the track will sound in the club. You can play low energy songs during the beginning of the night, and bangers during the peak-time. It makes it easier to find great music inside your own music collection.

Plug in your favorite DJ controllers.
You can MIDI map Flow with any DJ controller in the world. It also comes with built-in mappings for the world's most popular MIDI controllers built by Pioneer, Traktor, Numark and others. The minimum system specs for Flow are very simple: All you need is a laptop (no sound card, or controller needed). But, if you have an amazing $2000 controller, you can just plug and play!

Pioneer DJ Controllers
We configured Flow to be plug-and-play compatible with Pioneer's DJ controllers.

Traktor Controllers
You can use Flow to play Stems on all your current Native Instruments controllers.

Numark Controllers
You can use Flow to play Stems on all your current Numark controllers. Just plug and play.

Stand out with your DJ mixing.
Regardless of what genre you love to play, Flow makes your DJ mixing sound more interesting. Open Format, House, Techno, Hip Hop - whatever your genre Flow helps you play 8 loops per track. It helps you solve the problem faced by every DJ today: "How to sound different from everyone else?" Here's an easy step-by-step guide to mixing with Flow.

1. Prep your tracks.
Drop in your whole music collection. Flow will analyze your MP3s and other audio files. It'll give you exclusive Mixed In Key results for every track, so you can use the world's leading harmonic mixing algorithm.

2. Start with basic mixing to learn Flow.
Use the volume controls, EQs, Filters and other effects to mix your music. This is going to feel familiar to everyone who's used any DJ software before. It's like Serato, Traktor and Pioneer mixers. It's easy to learn and feels familiar.

3. Play 8 loops inside every track.
You can click anywhere in the Audio Wave, and Flow will smoothly cross-fade into that section of the track. We call this "dimensional mixing", and this feature is exclusive to Flow. You can show off your remix skills and play your FAVORITE parts of every track, instead of playing the entire song from start to finish. This is where Flow's mixing will feel magical.

4. Use your favorite controller to load tracks even faster.
Plug in your favorite DJ controller with a USB cable, and start browsing your collection with the MIDI "File Browse" knob. Push to load a track, and skip ahead to the loop you want to play. You can play 50-100 tracks per hour, sampling your favorite classics, acapellas, and loops that you love.

5. Advance to Master level.
Use the 4 deck or 8 deck modes to play Stems. Play music like you're competing in a DMC or Red Bull championship. Learn every DJ technique used by top DJs. We'll teach you all of that.

What's New:
2, 4 & 8 Channel modes
2 channel DJ controller to play 4 decks inside Flow.
Two effects: Energy and Filter
Supports STEMS
Detailed audio wave graphics with visual indicators (type of sound, volume)
Dimensional Mixing (mix inside of songs with auto cross fade)
Flow Lines (shows harmonic options between the 8 sources)
Full MIDI mapping
Dynamic playlists recommendations based on Key & Energy
And much more!

Home Page -
Download link:
uploadgig_com: https://uploadgig.com/file/download/5713F7d27616b45d/31wyk.Flow.8.Deck.3.0.2457.0.rar rapidgator_net: https://rapidgator.net/file/0d4a64d2f7a6921fea34bab4bbedf350/31wyk.Flow.8.Deck.3.0.2457.0.rar.html nitroflare_com: http://nitroflare.com/view/59351BE6A51623D/31wyk.Flow.8.Deck.3.0.2457.0.rar
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