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Default RomaxDesigner R17 Build 149 Update 13 (x64)

RomaxDesigner R17 Build 149 Update 13 (x64)

RomaxDesigner R17 Build 149 Update 13 (x64)
x64 | Languages:English | File Size: 1.32 GB

The release of RomaxDESIGNER R17 sees the introduction of several major new enhancements covering both rolling element and fluid film bearings. As always these features are fully integrated into the RomaxDESIGNER system model thereby providing unrivalled accuracy, robustness and analysis speed.

Romax bearing technology is applicable to a wide range of industries and these new features are designed to allow optimisation of designs and identification of potential issues as early as possible in the development process, thereby saving time and unnecessary costs.

Key features:
-Advanced roller bearing contact analysis - Rapid and accurate prediction of bearing roller contact and edge stresses, for correct assessment of bearing performance within a full system, when operating under extreme misalignment or high loads

-Roller rib contact model - A detailed way to simulate the effect of variable roller rib contact height, for more accurate bearing results and improved understanding of bearing performance.

-Hydrodynamic journal/sleeve bearing models - New, predictive, hydrodynamic simulation of journal bearings and bushings allows to optimise geometry within the context of the whole system

System Requirements:
OS:Microsoft� Windows 7 64-bit / Microsoft� Windows 8 64-bit / Microsoft� Windows 10 64-bit
CPU:Pentium� 4 2.0 GHz or Athlon� 2000+ or faster, 64-bit (x64) processor
GPU:Requires Full DirectX� 9c, Shader Model 3.0 hardware support, 256 MB of graphics
Screen Resolution:Minimum: 1280 x 800 pixels (horizontal x vertical) / Recommended: 1920 x 1080 pixels (horizontal x vertical) memory or higher, 32 bits per pixel.
RAM: Minimum: 4GB RAM / Recommended: 8GB RAM
Fixes in Update 13:
-An issue with the roller bearing truncation calculation has now been fixed.
-Fix for trying to get micro-geometry results for unloaded gear meshes.
-Added extra reporting for mesh misalignments affected by crowning helix modification (ISO 6336:2006).
-Fix for ShaftSupportSCResults object failure message when using Customised Reporting with detailed planet carriers.







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