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Default Inviska MKV Info 7.0 + Portable

File Size: 26.39 MB

Ideal for video processing experts looking for analysis tools that can ease their job, Inviska MKV Info is designed to inspect Matroska files and reveal media details. In addition to MKV (video) files, it can handle MKA (audio). Wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface, Inviska MKV Info invites you to open MKV or MKA files to get started. Before doing this, it checks your computer for MKVToolnix, since it cannot work without it. If it's not autodetected in the default installation folder, then you can specify its custom directory. MKV Info works with both the installer and portable versions of MKVToolnix.

Easy-to-use Matroska media inspector

Once a Matroska file is opened, its contents are examined automatically. Two tabs can be accessed in the main window, whether you prefer a tree view with well-organized details about the EBML head and segment, or raw text mode.

There are two scan methods available, depending on the level of detail you're interested in: standard or verbose. The type of MKV and MKA information ranges from EBML version, maximum ID length and size length to the number, UI, default duration and codec ID of each track identified in the segment.

Get in-depth file information in verbosity mode

Thanks to an option in the "File" menu, all shown information can be exported to a text document for safekeeping. As far as program preferences are concerned, you can pick the default tab (tree, text), change the MKVToolnix location, ask the tool to restore the scan level from the previous session, allow only one instance, set the window starting position, and auto-check for updates automatically.

It worked without error on Windows 10 in our tests and finished file analysis in reasonable time, even with very large Matroska files. Taking everything into account, Inviska MKV Info offers a straightforward option for inspecting Mastroka files in MKV and MKA format.Whats New:
Windows version is now 64bit - Previously Windows builds were 32bit, allowing them to run on both 32bit and 64bit Windows. With most people now on 64bit Windows we've changed to 64bit only. The Linux and Mac builds were already 64bit only.
Linux release changes - After discovering lintian, rpmlint and namcap, I made various changes to resolve policy violations, specifically: added changelog and copyright files to all packages, specified correct Section in deb package, changed BuildArch to ExclusiveArch in rpm spec, added detailed description to deb and rpm packages, added execution code to .desktop Exec field, renamed .desktop file to com.inviska.InviskaMKVInfo.desktop, compiled with PIC and RELRO, stripped symbols from executable, stopped statically linking zlib, and fixed incorrect file permissions. There are still improvements to be made on the Linux front, and some distros are still reporting the licence as propitiatory. I'm thinking of dropping the .deb, .rpm and .pkg.tar.xz packages entirely and switching to FlatPaks and Snaps.
Application info defined on Mac - Info.plist is now defined manually as the version generated by Qt lacked certain information.
Application info defined on Windows - While looking into the above problem I noticed I hadn't defined some fields for Windows, such as name, version and copyright. This has been corrected, so Task Manager will now show the application name rather than the executable.
Switched to Qt 5.12.2 on Windows and Mac - This changes the minimum supported macOS version to 10.12.
Qt 5.6.3 and Qt 5.12.2 builds released for Linux - GTK theme emulation has still not been fixed in Qt 5.12.2, but versions built with Qt 5.6.3 are no longer rendering correctly on the latest Linux distributions (Ubuntu 18.10 and possibly others). As such, builds with both Qt 5.6.3 and Qt 5.12.2 have been released for Linux.
License changed to GPLv2+ - Changed all references to license from GPLv2 to GPLv2+, thus allowing the GPLv3 license to be used if that is preferred. The Arch package simply states GPL for licence, as this is used to denote GPLv2+ on Arch based distros.

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