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Default 789TEN - The LOOPERS Producer Pack 2020

789TEN - The LOOPERS Producer Pack 2020

789TEN - The LOOPERS Producer Pack 2020 | 1.17 GB

Producer LOOPERS bag full of fresh sounds and modern techniques used in its past and future tracks.

producer package comes with the basic techniques LOOPERS, pristine sound and a surprising bonus.
Tutorial. In this tutorial HD tutorial you will learn first-hand about production tips and tricks LOOPERS, which it does at the beginning.

Follow the instructions as a textbook made mainly with samples and presets provided to you in the package producer. At the end of the tutorial there is a small section, when he is experimenting with some samples of Splice. Starting from scratch, LOOPERS begins with a groove, and there is formed a complete drop. It then moves to breaks and build ups. Follow every decision he takes on the site, and follow every step of the way with a selection of sample and preset and manipulation of sounds using his transition effects. In this way addresses a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to:
- Assembling LOOPERS mastering circuit (also included in the preset rack for FL)
- Sound layering
- Select the bass sound, recording, handling and processing
- Production of the classic LOOPERS fills
- extensive EQ style LOOPERS
- Voltage capacity
Serum Library: necessary sound bank LOOPERS. HUGE! It contains LOOPERS sounds of those issues that you have heard in the last couple of years, and you will hear in the next releases. This library is one of a kind; This set of configuration sets a new standard for sound banks on the Internet.
Sample pack: an exclusive collection of sounds developed LOOPERS, which has quickly become a new favorite for office 789ten team. Choice of superb sounds that inspire and add groove, texture and body to your track.
FL Project File: contains everything from a textbook, but a few favorite sounds that come from other packs. All synthetic plasters LOOPERS, processing and 789ten samples are available and ready to use.
TIME SENSITIVE BONUS LOOPERS REVERB PRESETS: in April alone, we have included 6 presets Valhalla Room, which LOOPERS uses to effect its brand. Use these presets reverb on an element intended them to instantly put the sound in the right pocket. Remember, they are only included in the packages, acquired in April 2020

Publisher: 789TEN
Website: 789ten.com
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo



https://uploadgig.com/file/download/7506Cb51C25Ddf37/789TEN - The LOOPERS Producer Pack.part1.rar
https://uploadgig.com/file/download/c8Fe5D8c0f067002/789TEN - The LOOPERS Producer Pack.part2.rar

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