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Default Capsun ProAudio - Refined Sugar: Lowkey Pop Feels (WAV)

Capsun ProAudio - Refined Sugar: Lowkey Pop Feels (WAV)

Capsun ProAudio - Refined Sugar: Lowkey Pop Feels (WAV) | 958 MB

Refined Sugar: Lowkey Pop Feels - this is the future sound of love songs, lofi pop to your ex and cozy experimental electronics. Fuzzy synthesizers toys, playful nips and power chords are easily mixed with dust machine reels, drums and found pretty vocal. Drawing influence from the leading edge of future-pop production, it is an alternate sound internet pop radio without borders.

95 Drum & Perc Loops including:
37 full drum loops
20 percussion loops
30 no-kick drum loops
8 hihat loops
72 New & Original Drum & Perc One Shots including:
11 kicks
17 snares
19 claps and snaps
20 percussion
5 hihats
153 Melodic Loops including:
17 Songstarters
11 melodic resampled loops
32 synth loops
8 synth lead loops
15 pianos & keys loops
11 vocal loops
13 808 & sub bass loops
14 bass loops
7 guitar loops
19 mallets & plucked loops
6 pad loops
3 FX loops
45 Melodic One Shots including:
11 808, synth & sub bass one shots
24 chords and strums one shots
5 vocal one shots
5 melodic one shots

Publisher: Capsun ProAudio
Website: capsunproaudio.com
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo




https://uploadgig.com/file/download/eec3383b5fba9De1/Capsun ProAudio - Refined Sugar Lowkey Pop Feels.rar

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