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Default Rankin Audio - Jazz Hop Dreams (WAV)

Rankin Audio - Jazz Hop Dreams (WAV)

Rankin Audio - Jazz Hop Dreams (WAV) | 1 GB

Jazz Hop Dreams - is a nostalgic journey through the warm, chaotic, dusty sound cassettes and vinyl records jazz sessions and neo-soul chords in conjunction with swinging, heavy and eclectic rhythms. This library covers a wide range of jazz rhythms, trip hop, downtempo sounding in the spirit and neo-soul.

All samples in this collection have been carefully crafted using vintage compression methods and tape noise and saturation vinyl cracks to restore the nostalgic feeling of warmth from digging into old records, samples and find the diamond, but we have included a lot of solo organic noise and textures of sound landscape, that you can apply to your own music, create the same warm, dusty vibration, which is famous for this genre.

Publisher: Rankin Audio

Website: loopmasters.com
Format: WAV



https://uploadgig.com/file/download/5D179D49D331d38b/Rankin Audio - Jazz Hop Dreams.part1.rar
https://uploadgig.com/file/download/96faFaba358533d0/Rankin Audio - Jazz Hop Dreams.part2.rar

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