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Default Eficad swood 2020 sp0

EFICAD SWOOD 2020 SP0 | 924.3 mb
The EFICAD development team is pleased to announce the availability of EFICAD SWOOD 2020 SP0, is SolidWorks add-in editor company specialized in woodworking with SWOOD products.

SWOOD Design / Center
Generality: Script Debugger dialog. Available through menu SWOOD Design/Tools/Script debugger. This dialog allow debugging of scripts during SW rebuild.
Generality: Script Debugger for SWOOD Center, SWOOD Box, Connectors. Available when testing a SWOOD Box, a connector a SWOOD Center model with the script edition dialog open.
Generality: Script editor performance enhancement. When the script is very long it become really complicated to write something in the script (SR-1696)

SWOOD Design
Generality: Performance improvement (mainly on large assemblies)(SR-1600).
Generality: Performance Analyzer. Allow to analyze time of rebuild on files.
Generality: Rebuild mode can be linked to a configuration.
Generality: Default file naming used for SW files copy.Before the default file naming used for SW file copy was always {SOURCENAME}_{TARGET} now it is possible to reverse this order using {TARGET}_{SOURCENAME} instead. To do this you have to define the parameter COPIER_DEFAULTFILENAMING = 1 in the rubric MAIN of SWOOD Design.cfg[MAIN]COPIER_DEFAULTFILENAMING = 1 ;0: SOURCE_TARGET(Value if not defined) 1: TARGET_SOURCEoGenerality:Panelmanager. A wizard is used to manage the panels of a project. Globally, it is possible to automatically orient and apply materials to several panels at the same time.
Generality: Copied SW file naming based on counter.Possibility to use shared counters (XML File Based as used in report) to name part and assembly files copied using EPDMFrameCopier, EPDMSWOODBoxCopier, EPDMPanelCopier, Insert Panel.

General: Cam raw option to manage stock impact from edgeband (SR-1693).
General: It possible to add laminate to the definition of the rough box in swood cam origin definition windows.
General: Simulation with material removal (waste detection, collision detection).
General: New to link a tool to a sketch for the simulation.
General: Origine X axis Direction makes Solidworks Crash (SR-1837).
General: Panel automatic positioning (panel can be positioned automatically according to strategy for body selection and X axis choice).
General: Panel automaticpisitioning: possibility value in SWOOD CAM.cfg. Work only if SWOOD Design is unactivated.[PANEL AUTO POSITIONING]DefaultAlgo = TEST_RULE
Machining: New pocket machinemilling (SR-1471).
Machining: Extended angle for sawing.oMachining: The roughing operation takes into account drafts.
Machining: Improve toolpath for Auto-Pocket (SR-1430).
Machining: Contour auto makes a wrong preview and wrong machining of the WOODWOP Pocket (SR-1847).
Machining: Groove associated to EdgeBand from SWOOD DESIGN (since 2020) are not automatically recognize. User may process those grooves manually.
Machining: Auto groove WOODWOP pocket milling operation don't delete the last geometrie (SR-1991).
Machining: Auto Groove no operation suggested if Saw thickness is larger than the current geometry (SR-2001).
Machining: Sawing on open sketch: Bottom oversize doesn't work(SR-2019).
Machining: Sawing on open sketch : Opening profile simulation(SR-2018).
Machining: Hole on edge is drilled twice(SR-1986).
Machining: Auto-pocket : Machining by level or profile crashes Solidworks(SR-2026).
Machining: We should not be able to do a contour and a partial contouring on 2 open sketches in one sketch (SR-2017).
Machining: Pocket on sketch crash Solidworks (SR-1940).
Machining: When selecting a face for partial contouring,"Reverse side" should not be available(SR-2032).
Machine: Translation in CAM Table (SR-1533).
Machine: Stop selection not available in assembly mode(SR-2051).
Machine: Path optimization improved for auto pocket (SR-2014).
Encoding: New encoding word to get "angle" information on move.
- Deltaangprev: Variation of angle of the trajectory at the previous point
- deltaang: Variation of angle of the trajectory at the point
- tanangendprev: Angle of the tangent at the end of the previous displacement
- tanangstart: Angle of the tangent at the start of the displacement
- tanangend: Angle of the tangent at the end of the displacement
- tanangstartnext: Angle of the tangent at the start of the next displacement
Encoding: Part dimensions and stock offset added to post-processor variables.
Partx-PART: X Length (2020 SP0)
Party-PART: Y Length (2020 SP0)
Partz-PART: Z Length (2020 SP0)
Stockoxmin-ROUGH: Xmin stock offset (2020 SP0)
Stockoymin-ROUGH: Ymin stock offset (2020 SP0)
Stockozmin-ROUGH: Zmin stock offset (2020 SP0)
Encoding: opdebdeport don't work with rampapproach on old post-processors (SR-2038).
Simulation: Different size of writing in simulation depending of the part(SR-1571)

Combined with SOLIDWORKS, SWOOD accelerates the development of wood products, from designing to manufacturing: carpenters can now benefit from the software to create windows, doors, stairs, furniture, structures and other wooden products more efficiently.

SWOOD Design acts as a booster for woodworking projects insideSOLIDWORKS. Thanks to a set of features dedicated to wood andpanel processing, SWOOD Design makes it easier and faster to makeproduction ready designs. Projects are designed faster with drag-and-drop, materials and edge banding are managed more efficiently, as is the assembly of wood panels with Connectors. Additionally, assembly libraries, which include the hardware for doors, drawers, shelves and others, are easily created with SWOODBox.

Streamline your woodworking process with SWOOD.

SWOOD CAM, a fully integrated solution in SOLIDWORK's environment, allows complete associativity with 3D parametric files and all woodworking machinery technologies.

With SWOOD Report, all necessary data for production, programs to pilot numerically controlled machines, even personalized documents such as flow records, hardware records or other ERP exports can be generated for an entire project.

Discover SWOOD CAM, a SolidWorks Add-In dedicated to wood working. Create easily your NC programs and manufacturing documents directly in your SolidWorks design models with all woodworking technologies: multiple head, multiple spindles, aggregates, laser positioning, chip suction and deflector management

Founded in 1989, EFICAD began its CAD/CAM experience with educational products in mechanical sector. In 1991, SCM company solicited EFICAD to bring a specific CAM solution for one of the first NC router installed in France. Interested in woodworking we started to implement the specific technologies of this sector in our Autocad based CAM. Since that time, EFICAD has helped woodworkers to produce windows, doors, stairs, furniture and many other products and stay in touch with the latest technology like the numerical working table that we manage since 2007.

EFICAD and DS SolidWorks have started their partnership in 2001 with EFICNSW, a mechanical CAM software which is now distributed in more than 2000 education sites in France. In 2009 SWOOD joined the SOLIDWORKS solutions offered by EFICAD.

Version: 2020 SP0
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Software Prerequisites: *
Size: 924.3 mb

Required Configuration

- From SOLIDWORKS 2010 to SOLIDWORKS 2020 must be installed on the computer.
Operating systems: Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate orBusiness), Windows 8 (Professional, Ultimate or Business) 64 bits,or Windows 10 (Professional, Ultimate or Business) 64 bits.
- A graphic card certified by SOLIDWORKS
- 8 Gb de memory Ram minimum.
- A screen resolution of 1280x1024 at less.
- 5 Gb available including 1 Gb on the Chard disk

Download link:
rapidgator_net: https://rapidgator.net/file/389d7e77163e20c4a5b5fc471e2dd81c/n0nmh.EFICAD.SWOOD.2020.SP0.rar.html nitroflare_com: https://nitroflare.com/view/984D4F21EE7F14F/n0nmh.EFICAD.SWOOD.2020.SP0.rar uploadgig_com: http://uploadgig.com/file/download/c26dd1376BdE9273/n0nmh.EFICAD.SWOOD.2020.SP0.rar
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